July 22, 2002


FROM THE X-FILES OF POLICE SQUAD: In the latest in a string of recent police-brutality scandals, a group of more than a dozen cops in Milwaukee were caught on tape beating down a suspect- in their own police station. There's no excuse for such stupidity- this is like that guy in the "Big Brother" house who threatened his roommate with a knife and was surprised that he got caught. But the oddest thing about the case is the suspect's name- Billy Miles. That was also the name of the evil alien "super soldier" who menaced Scully and her baby throughout the final two seasons of "The X-Files." Don't be surprised if the cops try the "X-Files" Defense, although I don't suspect it'll be too effective, since it's not likely they'll find 12 jurors anywhere who watched any of the last two seasons of "X-Files."

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 22, 2002 11:43 PM
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