July 19, 2002

LILLYWHITE, V. 2.0: I picked

LILLYWHITE, V. 2.0: I picked up the new Dave Matthews Band album "Busted Stuff" this week and have been listening to it for a couple of days. At first I had trepidation, since like most Dave fans I downloaded most of the album last summer when it was leaked as "The Lillywhite Sessions." However, my opinion of the finished, DMB-endorsed "Busted Stuff" product is a positive one, since they have added two excellent, non-Lillywhite tracks ("You Never Know" and "Where Are You Going," which represents the first time in DMB history where the first single isn't the worst song on the album), and included improved, spruced-up versions of most of the Lillywhite tracks. The best are "Grace is Gone," "Grey Street," and "Bartender"- which were also the three best songs on the original Lillywhite compilation.
The oddest thing- Steve Lillywhite, who produced the "Lillywhite Sessions," does not get a producer or songwriter credit on any song on "Busted Stuff." And those who deride DMB as the epitome of "white people music," remember two things: three of the five members of the Dave Matthews Band are black, and Matthews himself was born in South Africa and immigrated to America, so you know what that makes him.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 19, 2002 11:02 PM
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