July 18, 2002


A NEW LOW FOR THE NEW YORK POST: It was bad enough when they defended brutal cops and outed Mike Piazza. But now the New York Post is enabling a stalker. You may remember back in April when 24-year-old Jersey girl Kristielee Wilcox ran onto the field at Yankee Stadium and handed her number to shortstop Derek Jeter. Wilcox was later arrested and plead guilty, and Jeter (of course) never called. So what does the Post do? They give Wilcox a makeover, and don't even stop there- they dress her in the styles of Jeter's various ex-girlfriends, including Mariah Carey and his current squeeze, actress Jordana Brewster.
Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this? The fact that the newspaper is encouraging someone who's clearly very disturbed and delusional to pursue a public figure who has shown that he has no interest, while that public figure is in fact in a public relationship with another public figure? Are these Post editors not getting enough oxygen or something?

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 18, 2002 08:48 PM
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