July 08, 2002


WORST SON EVER: If you thought John Henry Williams was a bad guy when he made an ass of himself by playing minor league baseball, or by hatching various schemes to make money off of his father Ted's legacy, that was nothing: The younger Williams, who must be a big fan of the film "Vanilla Sky," has hatched a plan to have the Splendid Splinter cryogenically frozen, with the intention of either selling Williams' DNA, or perhaps attempting to bring him back to life sometime next century. Williams' other children, understandably, have taken legal action in order to stop the freezing, although reports today indicate Ted's head is already on ice. In light of these events, I really hope the Red Sox owner (also named, oddly enough, John Henry), has enough sense to release young Williams from his minor league contract.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 8, 2002 06:40 PM
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