July 03, 2002


THE BLUEPRINT (NOT JAY-Z): My profile of New York musician Jason Shain is online in The Blueprint here; Shain's CD can be purchased here. Shain's music is very consistant with the Ryan Adams/Pete Yorn sound, so if that's what you're into, I highly recommend checking it out.
Also in The Blueprint this month is one of the most mind-boggling articles I've ever seen- it's a piece about a New York charity aimed at helping out Jewish homeless people, many of whom wish to keep Kosher. Yes, you read that correctly, Jewish homeless people. Let me try to wrap my head around this one: how many Jewish homeless people can there possibly be? Are those that are starving expected to refuse non-Kosher food? Does the organization turn people away who happen to not be Jewish? And most of all, are Jewish homeless somehow more worthy of help than non-Jewish? Or do they just have more to be ashamed of? There are a lot more black homeless people in New York than Jewish ones, yet I've never heard of any African-American organization aimed at only helping black homeless. Either help all the homeless, or don't- there's no reason to make religious or other demographic distinctions.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 3, 2002 12:36 AM
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