June 25, 2002


SAVE THE PLANET: Had lunch today at a modest Manhattan eatery called Sandwich Planet, which I don't believe I had ever visited before despite its close proximity to my former apartment. Excellent food, and while it's not an Italian restaurant per se, the place had the most impressive list of Italian-named tribute sandwiches I'd ever seen: from artists (the Michelangelo, the DiVinci), to cars (the Lamborghini, the Ferrari), to Hollywood mob (the Sopranos, the Scorsese, the Pacino and the DeNiro), to the neo-realist directors (the Antonioni, the Visconti, the Rossellini, no DeSica though) and even sandwiches named after The Pope and obscure "Godfather" composer Nino Rota. 534 Ninth Avenue; check it out.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 25, 2002 03:04 AM
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