June 01, 2002

I'M BACK: I just returned

I'M BACK: I just returned from three days in my college hometown of Boston, helping my friend and cohort Isaac move out of town. Despite numerous car and U-HAUL problems, I'd say it was a damn good trip. Now I'm helping my new roommates move in.

CUTTING DOWN THE NETS: While on the drive from Boston back to New Jersey, oddly enough, I listened to the Nets defeat the Celtics in Game 6, and thus reach the NBA Finals for the first time in their history. The Nets' victory means that since I moved to New York two years ago, five of the nine New York franchises (and at least one in every sport) have reached the championship game/series, though only the Yankees have won a championship. As for the Western conference, I'll be rooting hard on Sunday for the Kings over the Lakers; it might take until at least Game 4 to get over the surrealism of a Nets-Kings NBA Finals, but I'd rather not be in a position to have to cheer for the Lakers.

NOW YOU CITIZENS OF BOSTON, DON'T YOU THINK IT'S A SCANDAL?: The Nets' advancing to the NBA Finals means that the Jason-Joumana Kidd drama will continue for at least another week. Boston has been in the grips of Beatermania, with fans pestering the Kidds both at FleetCenter and on talk radio- WEEI radio host Glenn Ordway commented before Friday's game that "the Sox are playing the Yankees tonight, and we haven't gotten a single call about it 'cause all you want to talk about is Joumanja." Yes, "the Jason Kidd Thing" is now just as big a deal in Boston as "the Mike Piazza Thing" is in New York. While a majority of the vitriol came simply because Kidd was the best player on the opposing team, I believe that Joumana is hated (in and out of Boston) for much the same reason that Hillary Clinton is hated— she's seen as greedy and opportunistic because she has chosen to remain married to a powerful, public man who severely mistreats her. Indeed, it's been rumored in New York media circles that the Nets will attempt to woo Mrs. Kidd with a TV gig on the YES network, thus appeasing Jason and encouraging him to stick around when he's eligible for free agency after next season (on second thought, maybe she has more in common with Donna Hanover).
Of course, the unwashed, mulleted masses who root for the Nets clearly have no problem with loudly cheering on a wife beater (although since the Nets and Devils regularly fail to sell out even late-round playoff games, I hesitate to use the word "masses"). In that way Jason Kidd is not unlike Mumia Abu-Jamal— those who support him do so not in spite of his crime but rather, at least in part, because of it.

DON'T BAN THE BOX: As I mentioned last week, my first article was recently published in The Blueprint (sorry, it's not available in non-pdf html, but I can forward a copy upon request). So, for what I hope is the first of many times, I was able to walk to the line of free newspaper boxes (in this case, on 14th St.) and pull out something I wrote. But if certain fools on New York's City Council have their way, these boxes will soon be banned. As the argument goes, these boxes block pedestrian traffic and make things more difficult for handicapped people; although it doesn't appear as though anyone was complaining until these politicians pulled the issue out of thin air. It's also a First Amendment issue, as this city-sponsored initiative would make distribution that much harder for the Voice, NYPress, the Onion, the Blueprint, and numerous other important periodicals (nope, Screw isn't free anymore, sorry). For a spirited defense of the boxes, check out the intro to the NYPress' Summer Guide.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE...: While in Boston, just for shits and giggles, I checked out the "Women Seeking Men" personal ads in the alternative newspaper The Boston Phoenix and while it may not be the world's most scientific statistical sample, I noticed a trend: unlike just about every ad I've ever read in The Village Voice or New York Press, the Phoenix's personals were completely devoid of such statements as "looking for mature, wealthy older man," "must be financially secure," and "sugar daddy wanted." Perhaps there's less elitism involved, or maybe even a smaller amount of "Sex and the City" influence— I just hope this doesn't mean I'm living in the wrong city.

SPORTS RADIO CALLER QUOTE OF THE YEAR: From WFAN: "[In a 162-game baseball season] you get 54 wins and 54 losses. It's what you do with the other 54 games that really matters." Have more profound words ever been spoken on talk radio?

THE WASHINGTON SENATORS ARE LEAVING TOWN AGAIN?: The Onion takes the "Stadium Games" scenario to its logical conclusion.

TWO TRAILER PARK GIRLS GO 'ROUND THE OUTSIDE, 'ROUND THE OUTSIDE, 'ROUND THE OUTSIDE: Yes, Eminem's "Without Me" sports the best opening line to a song since Weezer's "What's With These Homies Dissin' My Girl?." And the Em video is even in the same league as "Buddy Holly."

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