May 22, 2002


DOUBLE-ENTENDRE HEADLINE OF THE DAY: I feel pretty bad for New York Islanders star Michael Peca; not only was he knocked out of the playoffs with a torn ACL after a hit by Toronto's Darcy Tucker, but now his name is causing him even more embarassment. You may remember Peca (pronounced "Pecka") was subject of the infamous 2000 Boston Globe headline "Sabres' Peca is Bigger Than Ever" (try saying THAT with a Boston accent) and now, on the occasion of the player's surgery, the New York Post checks in with "Peca Goes Under the Knife," and ESPN aired a report that stated "Peca needs reconstructive surgery." You'd think sports departments would have stylebook guidelines just for stuff like that.

ESOTERIC WEBSITE OF THE DAY: Check out What's Better, a new site which picks two random subjects and asks readers to choose which one is "better," and the subjects eventually are ranked according to their popularity. In first place is Albert Einstein, following by "Star Wars" and Natalie Portman; in last place, at #4502, is Hitler, with Osama BinLaden, the Ku Klux Klan and the Backstreet Boys next from the bottom. Einstein and Hitler- seems like the polling has a '40s bias, but other than that, good site.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 22, 2002 01:19 AM

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