May 12, 2002

KIDD ROCKED: I wonder if

KIDD ROCKED: I wonder if I'm the only one who got a perverse kick out of seeing the New Jersey Nets' Jason Kidd bruised and bloodied the other night after a head-to-head collision with the Hornets' David Wesley. I'm sure I'm not the first to make the joke, but now Jason knows how his wife felt. Watching that I felt the way I do watching a movie-of-the-week where the evil wife-beater finally gets what's coming to him- preferably ending up as bloody as Andrew W.K. on his album cover and with a puffy eye, like Kidd sported in today's game. Actually, you have to wonder if Kidd's arrest last year impacted his losing the MVP award to Tim Duncan.
Unfortunately, it looks like the Nets will win the series, hopefully to go down to defeat to the Celtics in the East Finals (the return of Lakers vs. Celtics- it's coming!) No team that fails to sell out home playoff games, like the Nets do, deserves to advance, but man- imagine how good the Nets would be if they still had Jayson Williams.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 12, 2002 11:45 PM
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