May 10, 2002


MORE PC LUNACY AT MY ALMA MATER: My old stomping grounds, The Justice, is finally back online (just in time for the end of the school year), and there's once again controversy because an op-ed columnist dared to write a column that criticized political correctness. This week there's all kinds of hysterical responses, including calls for "re-education" and the like (at least no one suggested the author was in need of a "paradigm shift.") Even the student body president and Dean of Arts and Sciences get in on the act. In other Brandeis news, Ted Koppel will be this year's commencement speaker; I would absolutely love it if somewhere started a protest to get David Letterman named speaker instead. Now that's what I call "activism."

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 10, 2002 08:35 PM
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