April 30, 2004

A Creative Superstar Creates Runs

Red Sox second baseman and sabermetric fave Mark Bellhorn is off to a great start this year, leading the American League in walks. I recently saw his picture and noticed that he looked sort of familiar. Actually, if he were to take off his hat and grow his sideburns a little, Bellhorn would look quite a bit like this guy:

Who himself, in turn, was always a dead ringer, I thought, for this man:

Yes, Miller Lite’s Swedish-produced “Dick, Creative Superstar” really was one of my favorite ad campaigns of all time, a whole lot more witty than those stupid Budweiser frogs. Who knows why it didn’t catch on- but here's a Dick fansite.

This Has Been a Miller Time Presentation By SteveSilver.net. Thank You For Your Time.

Posted by Stephen Silver at April 30, 2004 04:10 PM
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