May 31, 2004

Perfidious Princesses, Cont'd

This interview in the NYT Magazine with "Bergdorf Blondes" author Plum Sykes made me gag, as I'm sure it did for any reasonable individual reading it:

"These girls are quite serious about finding an A.T.M. An A.T.M. is a rich boyfriend. New York girls have a code they speak in. When they say they have to find an M.I.T., they don't mean they have to go to college. They mean they have to find a mogul in training."

Nice to see they're, uh, "serious" about something. But luckily, Edward Champion is here to run Miss Sykes through the ringer.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 31, 2004 01:58 PM

Did you read the cover story?
It was apparently either written by a teenager posing as an adult, or an adult posing as a teenager, but either way, from the first paragraph, it became painfully obvious that the author seems never to have met a teenager before writing the article.

Posted by: Dan Sichel at May 31, 2004 07:36 PM

I read the first page of her stupid book and it ... made me pissed. She thinks she's being witty and ironic, like Truman Capote or something - but she actually is just defending her stupid lifestyle. Ick.

Posted by: red at June 1, 2004 10:31 AM
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