June 01, 2004

She Saved Dana Ashbrook For Dessert

"My wife and I were talking about 'Twin Peaks' the other night, wondering where everyone went, and I developed a theory: Lara Flynn Boyle ate Madgen Amchick and Audrey Horne. Cooked ‘em up and had them for a post-Black Mass dinner. But now she has grown dangerously thin again, and will need to dine on the souls of some other ingénues. I may be wrong. Feels right, though. They cast her in that role in 'Men in Black 2' for a reason, I fear.

-Lileks, in today's Bleat. I don't know who James' wife is or anything else about her, but what I do know is, whoever my wife ends up being, I want it to be someone who can have that sort of conversation. That is., someone who knows the name of the actress who played Shelley the Waitress on "Twin Peaks."

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 1, 2004 01:10 AM
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