June 03, 2004

Clinton and Kerry

Bill Clintonís memoir is coming out later this month, and the anti-Clinton conspiracy theory, from Dick Morris and others, has been deafening: obviously, Clinton is releasing his book now in order to screw over John Kerry. Because if Kerry wins the election, Hillary canít run for president in í08, and we canít have that!.

Except I donít buy it, for a couple of reasons. First, the reason Clinton is coming out with the book now is because Hillaryís book, which as you may remember was mega-successful, came out at around the same time last year- itís going to be the highest-selling book of the year, and people read books in the summer. Also, if Clinton really wanted to screw Kerry over, wouldnít he release the book in September or October? Clintonís book will dominate the news for two weeks or so; the election isnít for four more months.

But the biggest reason of all that I donít believe the spin is that the two-week hype period will, in the media, will essentially entail a grand re-arguing of the Clinton legacy- and for two weeks, weíll be in 1998 again. You see, the impeachment of Clinton for lying about sex was a low moment for the Republicans, one that made them look like sex-hating prudes; the book discussion will force them to argue that once again, which canít help them with swing voters. And besides, the 1998 election was not a good one for the GOP.

And finally, if you buy Mickey Kausí theory that Kerry always improves in the polls when he steps out of the limelight for any extended period, perhaps Clinton is doing him a favor.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 3, 2004 11:17 PM

Liberals love trying to change the subject of the Lewinsky matter into a "Republican issue." The fact is that the story became news because Clinton was being investigated for lying under oath. Not only was he impeached, but he was disbarred in his beloved home state, Arkansas. By the way, the very state that he and Hillary abandoned for bigger and better things. Don't blame Republicans for Clinton's personal failings and legal troubles. As for his book, who is going to waste $35 on a boring diatribe? Oh, probably the same suckers who bought but never read Hillary's book last year. More money for the Clintons!!

Posted by: Thomas at June 4, 2004 04:49 PM
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