June 10, 2004

Poor Little Rich Girls

As part of her continuing series on the plight of debt-plagued recent college graduates in New York, the Village Voice's Anya Kamenetz this week interviewed… two Brandeis girls. Hailing from the noted poverty-stricken towns of Cherry Hill, NJ and Dobbs Ferry, NY, the two recent ‘deis grads (photographed in semi-expensive-looking outfits) discuss how tough they’re expecting to have it when they make their impending move to the city. Even though- shocker, here- “neither grad has student loans.”

But even worse is “Audrey,” a non-Brandeis girl also quoted in the story, who rather than mooch off her rich parents has chosen the other approach to making it in the big city- by whoring herself to rich older guys, Jessica Cutler-style:

”The reason I don't mind getting a lot of free dinners is that, in my opinion, in New York, if you are a not-unfortunate-looking young girl, no matter how bright you are, you'll always be a piece of ass first. Besides, I just tend to be attracted to older men, and to Manhattan. In the past year I've dated a lawyer, an ad exec, and a guy who made a lot of money on the Internet. But I'm not a gold digger.”

Oh no, of course not. I wasn’t thinking that, I swear! What do you think about this one, ladies? When you first arrived in your city, did you get the impression that you would “always be a piece of ass first”?

I’ve generally been impressed with Kamenetz’s series about the current generation of college students entering an uncertain job market with mountains of debt- but she really whiffed this time. Are these really the best examples she could find of “struggling young New Yorkers”?

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 10, 2004 01:48 PM

It's not indicative of location. You can "always be a piece of ass" to poor men as well. Sounds like she's trying to rationalize being 1)lazy 2) a whore.

Not that there's anything wrong with 1 or 2, just don't make up bullshit excuses.

Posted by: D'Lish at June 10, 2004 03:08 PM

it's unlikely that a 'deis girl will ever be a "piece of ass" to anyone ...

Posted by: LilB at June 10, 2004 11:20 PM

You are right--what self-respecting guy would do one of them.

Posted by: DBrooks at June 14, 2004 10:09 AM
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