June 14, 2004

“Six Feet” IV

Reaction has been mixed, but I really liked last night’s season premiere of “Six Feet Under.” I loved that the season began literally the morning after the previous one ended, and the David/Keith and Claire/Russell scenes were especially well done.

I am, however, dreading what’s coming: more Hollywood satire, from a show that’s not about Hollywood at all, and also a guest stretch by noted bad actress Mena Suvari. If Ball had to smuggle in an actor from “American Beauty,” why her? Why not Kevin Spacey, or at the very least Thora Birch?

I expect to do about one post a week on ‘Six Feet’; sorry, it’s not going to be an every-day topic like “Sopranos” was. Though when the SFU premiere ended with a late-night, illicit, middle-of-nowhere burial, I thought for a moment that that other HBO show had extended for another week.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 14, 2004 09:39 PM
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