June 16, 2004

Hooligans II

Now that Roger Clemensí bid for an undefeated season is kaput following last nightís loss to Mark Prior and the Cubs, my officemates and I are plotting an official hanging/toppling of the Clemens bobblehead doll that has graced our front desk since last month, a gift from a Houston-based employee of the company.

Whether itís Red Sox fans, Yankees fans, Mets fans, or people who just plain donít like the guy, Clemens-bashing may be the second most-unifying activity among present-day baseball fans, after Selig-bashing.

Iíd offer a blow-by-blow photo re-enactment of the Saddam-statue-like toppling, but thatís really more BatGirlís turf.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 16, 2004 12:08 AM
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