July 24, 2004

Further Into the SI.com Sinkhole

Sports Illustrated’s website is now running a virtual note-for-note copy of ESPN’s Daily Quickie called “Scorecard Daily,” and while it bears no resemblance to the magazine’s still-excellent Scorecard section, it still sucks.

Included on the Scorecard Daily: A link to everybody’s favorite non-blog, as well as a few features (a quote of the day, a mini-poll, etc.) lifted straight from Shanoff. But the biggest embarrassment of all is a link –which spread around the ‘net today and was even mentioned by Simmons- to New York Sports Express’ Mike-Piazza-was-in-“Teen Wolf” April Fool’s joke- from FOUR MONTHS AGO.

I guess you could call it NYSX’s final revenge, as mainstream sports media advertently bought their hoax the week after they called it quits.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 24, 2004 02:09 AM
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