August 13, 2004

A Few Housekeeping Notes

- I just wanted to thank everyone for reading the ĎRoll Call, though believe it or not itís not actually complete: Iím planning to do one more installment sometime next week, for the five or six people Iíve added since it started.

- I get the sense "the truth is that I am a gay American" is about to become the most quoted/parodied catchphrase of the year, eclipsing both "I'm Rick James, bitch" and "you're fired." At any rate, I'll try to resist as much as possible in my writing here.

- No, I'm not going to the final Phish show; I didn't make it to Jonestown or Heaven's Gate, either.

- The Hoboken story- Iím about halfway done with it, and hopefully will finish this weekend and post it on Sunday or Monday. As for Manhattan- itís great. I love living here.

- And speaking of which, The Third Annual Length of Manhattan Walk is Sunday, August 22, and will benefit the Fallen Patriot Fund. We welcome donations even if you canít make the walk; e-mail me to find out how.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 13, 2004 12:17 AM
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