August 16, 2004

A Triumph

Last week I went to the Times Square Virgin Megastore and picked up the new “Best of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog" DVD; when I sat down to watch Conan’s bizarre infomercial parody/DVD-shilling episode last Thursday, Triumph was at that very store! I must’ve missed him by just a few hours.

Speaking of celebrities showing up at the Megastore, I saw that Jenna Jameson is doing a book-signing there tomorrow night- man, I wouldn’t want to see the clientele for that event.

As for the DVD itself, it’s great stuff, depicting just about every memorable Triumph appearance since the character’s ’97 introduction- it’s fun watching the evolution of Triumph, from the original one-joke premise to a character multi-faceted enough to sustain an entire album and DVD- even if he is a talking sock puppet/dog.

For instance, I’d forgotten how hilarious Triumph’s war with the puppet was –in a press conference bit, the Dog was flanked by Lazaro Gonzales- though I was disappointed that the disc didn’t include Triumph’s comments at the Friar’s Club Roast of Rob Reiner: “Look at you! David Crosby thinks you’ve let yourself go!”

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 16, 2004 06:36 PM
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