August 25, 2004

The Long Walk

Sunday’s Third Annual Length of Manhattan Walk was a big success, as we finished it in under seven hours for the first time ever. Our charity fundraising efforts are looking good as well, as contributions continue to trickle in; I’ll post the final total when it’s known.

No major celebrity sightings this year- unlike two years ago, when Alan Colmes turned up in a deli- although we did run into Triumph confidante Blackwolf the Dragon Master in Union Square, and also noticed the best-named business in New York: Praise the Lord Dental, in the West 120s. And yes, we also walked by the Merkin Concert Hall.

Meanwhile, thanks for the nice feedback on the Hoboken story. It felt good to finally break the “no personal stories on the blog” taboo, so perhaps there’ll be more of that to come.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 25, 2004 03:05 AM
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