August 27, 2004

The Sex Olympics

In case you didn’t notice, just about every male blogger in America (including yours truly) posted those quasi-lesbian volleyball celebration pictures yesterday. And while I’m more of a Natalie Coughlin man myself, I can tell you it was one of those moments that most men- and even some women- won’t soon forget.

But on the Olympic perversity scale, nothing compares to the weightlifting competition, in which the two segments are called- I’m not joking- “the snatch” and the “clean-and-jerk.” I watched the mens’ competition last night, while waiting in vain for the replay of the Gal Fridman sailing race, and as I fought back the urge to chuckle in memory of SNL’s “All-Drug Olympics” sketch, I heard the following phrases from the commentators. All delivered, I swear to you, in all seriousness:

- “He broke his own record in the clean-and-jerk”
- "The strongest so far in the snatch. He'll take 460 pounds into the clean-and-jerk"
- "The top snatch so far in the competition. assuming he's able to get it"
- "And the rug comes out from underneath him"
- "He's been perfect tonight, so far in the snatch"
- "He was second coming out of the snatch"
- "They call him the Giant"

You get the idea.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 27, 2004 03:13 AM

I taped the Gall Fridman race and the medal ceremony off Bravo and NBC (and Barvo again) jus for you Steve... you need cable in your room.

Posted by: Dan Sichel at August 29, 2004 01:04 AM

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