August 27, 2004

DVD Critic Quote of the Week

“The most unsettling episode of the season, ‘Miss Adorable,’ features Punky trying to make Henry proud by winning a beauty pageant. An unnervingly creepy man hosts the pageant and sings ‘Thank Heaven For Little Girls’ in a sequin-covered dinner jacket and nut-hugger jeans while the contestants showcase their talents in a montage of leotards, tap-dancing, and baton-twirling. Punky’s favorite adjective could best describe this episode: ‘Miss Adorable’ is totally gross-a-roo. Unless, of course, you’re a pedophile.”
- Laura Hibit, reviewing the “Punky Brewster” first-season DVD collection in New York Press. Posted by Stephen Silver at August 27, 2004 03:28 AM
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