August 27, 2004

Masters of the Blog-o-verse

Last night was another of those crazy NYC blogger confabs you've heard so much about, this time held at a West side hotspot called Fashion 40. Karol- who had been written up in the Wall Street Journal that very morning- was our host, and I was thrilled to meet both her and her sidekick/foil, Dawn, for the first time. Also nice to meet after reading them forever were Esther and Jessica, the latter of whom was with me at Brandeis for three years (although we'd never met). The occasion of the event? Welcoming a few RNC delegates, as well as a pair of very lovely visiting ladies: Candace, and Funnya. Lots of other faces, old and new.

Anyway, in her wrap-up of the evening Karol had this to say:

We got to the party a little after 9 and right away we ran into Steve Silver. Like the time when I met Joe Grossberg in DC, I was surprised that Steve was much better looking than the photo on his blog. Get a new pic, Steve, you're way cuter than you let on. :-)
Aw, how nice. I have been meaning to do something about the picture- any of you photography-buff types out there feel like helping me out in that respect? (Miss Klein, I'm looking chiefly in your direction).

Meanwhile, with the RNC shitstorm about to begin, I'm heading out of town for about 24 hours, before returning to attend the Pataki/Bloomberg "Media Welcome" party Saturday night; I wasn't about to walk out of Penn Station during Sunday's "march." The convention-goers are starting to arrive, the news crews are everywhere, and "Hardball" has set up camp at 35th and Broadway, two blocks from my office. It should be some week.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 27, 2004 03:57 PM

That Miss Klein sure takes some nice photos!

Posted by: Jeff S at August 30, 2004 12:21 AM
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