September 30, 2004

But I’m a Cheerleader!

You probably all heard today about the Cleveland Indians pitcher, Kyle Denney, who got shot while riding on the team bus in Kansas City. But Daniel Geffen found one minor detail at the bottom of the AP story that the rest of you may have missed:

Swain said all of Cleveland's rookies were dressed in cheerleader outfits as part of an annual ritual -- Denney's choice was Southern California -- and the mood on the bus was jovial until Denney was shot.
Can you say “burying the lede”? Luckily for the pitcher, there were no photos published anywhere of blood gushing from a bullet wound of the cheerleader-clad Denney; not sure he ever could’ve lived that down. Sort of like his former teammate Kazuhito Tadano, the guy who copped to having appeared in a gay porn film.

But still, it’s not as cool a hazing incident as last year, when the Yankees put all their rookies in pimp suits.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 30, 2004 05:21 PM

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