October 20, 2004

Why You Think the Factor Was Born? Porn! Porn! Porn!

I noticed it a long time ago, but a Slate writer had some fun on LexusNexis and found a bunch of transcripts that prove it without a shadow of a doubt: Bill O’Reilly is obsessed with porn.

This doesn’t make him guilty of the allegations, of course, but he’s featured segments and guests related to pornography pretty regularly for as long as I’ve been watching the show, and always with laughable justifications. One time, I remember him bemoaning that the Hollywood movie studios are all in business with the porn industry, which is a problem, because he learned from the movie “Boogie Nights” that porn is mob-controlled (Huh?) Then, during the 2000 election, he had on a European porn star who he identified as “one of Al Gore’s biggest supporters.”

Meanwhile, Frank Rich claims that he asked for O’Reilly’s new childrens’ book at a book store, and the clerk thought he was asking for porn. Giving new credence to my long-held theory that if any pundit is more obsessed with porn than O’Reilly, it’s Frank Rich. Before he started writing the same this-week's-#1-movie-illustrates-why-Bush-sucks missive every Saturday, his column was all pron, all the time.

And speaking of sneering, condescending stuff from the weekend editions of the Times, did you catch that Ron Suskind piece in the Sunday magazine on the faith of George W. Bush? I don’t deny that there’s some truth to it, but don’t you think that if Suskind had had his druthers, the piece would’ve been published under the title “Christians Are Scary, Bush Is One Of Them, BE VERY AFRAID”?

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 20, 2004 08:39 PM
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