October 20, 2004

Game 7 LiveBlog, Innings 1-3

Top 1:
At 8:30 PM, Johnny Damon steps in against Kevin Brown. If Damon doesn’t have at least one at-bat after midnight, I’ll be shocked. After stealing second he’s thrown out at home- but then Ortiz homers- Red Sox 2, Yankees 0.

Bottom 1:
1-2-3 inning. Sheffield must not have remembered his BALCO cream.

Commercial Interlude:
That commercial with Joe Buck and “Leon.” I just watched “Midnight Cowboy” the other night, so I have a hard time hearing the name “Joe Buck” without imagining the announcer showing up to the game in a cowboy getup, or perhaps reinventing himself as a street hustler. Or maybe Tim McCarver should swap accents and start calling himself Ratso Rizzo.

(And so what if these jokes are all five years old?)

Top 2:
Bucky Dent threw out the first pitch? Just for that, should the Red Sox win, they need to run out to left field and tear down the Babe Ruth monument after the game. And of course Yogi Berra’s been involved in every pre-game ceremony. Of the Great Old Yankees, he’s pretty much the only one still alive.

Anyway, Brown loads the bases, and he’s out after one and a third innings- way to earn $105 million, guy. Luckily, he resists the urge to punch any inanimate objects on the way to the showers.

GRAND SLAM, Johnny Damon. Too bad it’s so not over at all. Meanwhile, I’d like to thank the director for cutting straight to Jason Giambi- another wonderful use of $20 million this year. Anyway, inning over. Red Sox 6, Yankees 0.

Bottom 2:

Buck says, “there’s not a single Sox fan anywhere in New England who’s comfortable with a 6-0 lead in Yankee Stadium.” Exactly. Posada is the Yankees’ first baserunner after a walk, but that’s all they get.

Top 3:
Nothing of note happens, until an outro by David Lee Roth. Better that than the inexplicable playing of Public Enemy’s “Welcome to the Terrordome” at the close of Game 6.

Bottom 3:
If the New York Yankees have friggin’ Tony Clark- who the Tigers waived a few years ago- starting at first base for them in Game 7 of a playoff series, then no, they have no business winning. He makes the first out. But Jeter knocks in Posada to put New York on the board. I’m wondering why Mike Myers is warming up, but then I remember the Sox have a big lead. It just doesn’t FEEL like a big lead. Still, the inning is over. Red Sox 6, Yankees 1.

They just showed Pedro in the bullpen, and they’re saying he could pitch an inning. Just as long as it's not the 8th. Any inning but the 8th.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 20, 2004 09:50 PM

This all seems too unrealistic! Something weird is going to happen (besides the Sox coming back from 3-0)

Posted by: Jeff S at October 20, 2004 10:00 PM

Why Pedro on the mound in the 7th???????

This might yet come back to haunt the Sox...some strange curse or something.

10:02 CDT

Posted by: John B. at October 20, 2004 11:02 PM
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