October 21, 2004

Game 7 LiveBlog: Innings 7-9

Top 7:
Speculation continues on whether Martinez might actually pitch tonight, and the Sox quickly get two more baserunners- run up the score! Meanwhile, Loizia is replaced by the equally un-scary Felix Heredia- who nonetheless forces a double-play.

God Bless America:
I hate the Yankees, but I love Tynan.

(I’ve been wrestling with connection issues, now solved, since the 4th; otherwise, the last few innings would’ve been more in-depth. Anyway…)

Bottom 7:
For reasons known only to himself, Francona brings Pedro into the game on two days rest, instantly reinvigorating the long-dead crowd with the “who’s your daddy” thing. Double by Matsui, double by Sheffield. Bad, bad idea, Tito. This may be the most nonsensical managing decision since, well, you know.

Matsui scores, Sheffield scores. Lofton steals second. Olerud strikes out on a 95mph pitch… McCarver suggests that oh, maybe this might be the biggest out of the game- and Nixon catches it in right. Red Sox 8, Yankees 3.

Top 8:
If it stays fair, it’s gone, and it’s FAIR! Home run for Mark Bellhorn off new pitcher Tom Gordon. Everyone else is out, so it’s Red Sox 9, Yankees 3.

Bottom 8:
The Pedro Experiment is over; someday we may know what the hell that was all about. I think he demanded to go into the game to atone for last Game 7, but that’s just my theory. The new pitcher is Mike Timlin. Jeter grounds out, and after a great Doug Mientkiewicz catch, McCarver dubs him “the human vacuum cleaner”- I don’t even have a joke.

The camera cuts to Mayor Bloomberg- a Boston native who was a Red Sox fan until three years ago- in full Yankee gear. I hope he hurts a LOT right now.

A-Rod strikes out, and Sheffield grounds out. Three outs away.

Top 9:
Every Red Sox fan in the country is thinking the exact same thing right now: “they’re gonna blow it.” Even if Doug the Human Vacuum Cleaner gets a hit to put two runners on with none out. Two flyouts move Trot Nixon to third and then home for the 10th run, bringing in Mariano Rivera.

Despite the near-riot last night, I give the Yankee fans credit: not a single one of them appears to have left the Stadium.

Remember my prediction about Damon having an at-bat after midnight? So I was off by 15 minutes. Inning over. Red Sox 10, Yankees 3.

Bottom 9:
Timlin stays on the mound. Matsui starts with a single. Fielder’s choice by Williams, one out. Posada popup- one out away. Lofton walks, and Embree relieves Timlin to face pinchhitter Ruben Sierra. I don't know why they're even bothering. Grounder to second, and it's over.

Red Sox 10, Yankees 3, Boston Wins Series 4-3

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 21, 2004 12:01 AM
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