October 22, 2004

Not My Left

Yes, you can support Kerry and not be a crazy, Bush-hating conspiracy-spewing lunatic. It pains me that I even have to say that, but a few things in my in-box right now demonstrate just how many people I’d rather not be on the same side as- if only the other side weren't even more repugnant.

There are the daily e-mails pointing out such factoids as “the smarter states are for Kerry, and dumber states for Bush,” while letting me know such useful info as how I can “Meet Michael Moore.”

Then today I got a press release to alert me that an ad has been placed in dozens of alternative newspapers consisting of a letter from more than 70 Nader voters from 2000 –including Noam Chomsky, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, and Cornel West- endorsing John Kerry for president. Now I read on about 15 conservative blogs a day the ludicrous notion that John Kerry and Noam Chomsky are, essentially, one and the same. So it’ll REALLY help John out with swing voters to have the staunch backing of the vile linguist himself.

Speaking of Ralph, I had to laugh at this KausFiles analysis of the race in Wisconsin:

Nader won 3.6% of the Wisconsin vote in 2000. But [reader] P.M. reports "unlike in '00, Nader has absolutely no visible presence or campaign here in Madison (a good place to judge his efforts -- Madison is ground center for the left-of-left-of-center vote in Wisconsin)."
I love Madison and spent a ton of time there in my youth, but I think another two or three “left-of”s might be necessary to get across that town’s general political orientation.

This is such an awful, uninspiring choice for president this year that we’re getting lots of “Hawks For Kerry,” “Liberals For Bush,” “Kerry Haters For Kerry,” and stuff like that. Whenever I finish it this weekend, I’ll be presenting “The Hawkish Liberal Case For Kerry And Against I-Hate-Bush Movement.” But I’ll be sure to give it a better title first.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 22, 2004 12:44 AM
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