November 29, 2004

He's No Mientkiewicz

Immediately following the Vikings' victory today over the Jaguars at the Metrodome, both the callers and announcers on the radio postgame show repeatedly and mysteriously referred to Jags quarterback Byron Leftwich as "Leftkowitz." In doing so, they both mispronounced a not-hard-to-pronounce name, and inadvertently assigned him a heretofore unknown dose of Semitism, to boot. What, do they refer to Leftwich's fellow Marshall alum, Randy Moss, as "Moskowitz"?

Still though- not enough to make Leftwich Eckstein-eligible.

I'm back in New York and ready to crash; stay tuned tomorrow for more Vikings thoughts, including a full-fledged fisking of the aforementioned new-stadium propaganda.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 29, 2004 01:22 AM
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