December 10, 2004

X-ing Out Stephen A

Philadelphia magazine has an in-depth profile of Inquirer columnist/loudmouth basketball commentator Stephen A. Smith, somewhat ludicrously comparing him to Malcolm X and giving him credit for "changing the way we talk about sports."

Not for the better, I'm afraid. Bob Costas, when I saw him last night, spoke out against the loudmouth style most often found in sports commentary these days, while not naming Stephen A. specifically, though the best he can say in the piece is that Smith has "a presence."

While even the writer of the piece essentially admits to disliking Smith's on-air style, he nonetheless describes him both as "Philadelphia's most talked-about journalist" and as "popular." Stephen A. is popular? Ask yourself- do you know anyone who likes him?

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 10, 2004 02:00 AM
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