December 13, 2004

NYC Blogger Party

Karolís having one tonight; I may make an appearance.

UPDATE: I made it, and it was great to see Karol, C, Ari, Kevin, and everyone else. Still, I found it quite ironic that the staunchly Republican Karol would choose a venue with a "Say No To Bush's Agenda" bumper sticker on the front door, and "I Fucked Bill Frist" graffiti in the mens' room.

I had to bow out early to go see "The Life Aquatic"- very good, yet not at the same sustained level of brilliance as "Rushmore" and "Royal Tenenbaums." But despite that, the motif of David Bowie songs translated into Portuguese was a stroke of genius. I'll have a full review up later this week.

More tomorrow on baseball, specifically the Mets' decision to reach for the stars- with Pedro!

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 13, 2004 06:16 PM
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