December 15, 2004

Hot Stove Notes

Because I know you havenít heard enough about this stuff in the past few days.

Pedro Martinez to Mets: Yes, itís sad to see Pedro leave the Sox, because in a fair world he would finish his career with them. But this isnít quite as big a deal as Roger Clemensí defection after the 1996 season, for two big reasons: the departure isnít the result of comical bungling by the front office, and even more importantly, the Sox won the World Series last year.

I donít think Pedro is, as Jayson Stark called him, ďMo Vaughn without insurance.Ē Heíll have at least one good year for the Mets, and his stint there wonít jeopardize his Hall of Fame bid. But donít expect him to lead New York to a championship, either.

Carl Pavano to Yankees: Itís a good signing, more because they kept Pavano away from Boston rather than anything else. Pavanoís good, yes, but for that money? Especially after heís had one good season in his career? Besides- it appears the Yankees, with Pavano and Javier Vasquez, are hoarding pitchers from the 2002 Expos. If they ever trade for Bartolo Colon, Iíll be totally convinced.

Corey Koskie to Blue Jays: The third basemanís defection claims the last member of the Twinsí Polish Brigade of 1999-í02, after A.J. Pierzynski and Doug Mientkiewicz were traded last year. The Twins can live without Koskie, but his departure leaves them with no third baseman to speak of.

More later, as signings trickle in.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 15, 2004 05:15 AM

Koskie's lost was the worst loss for the Twins this off-season. The Twins are too cheap. Why would I support a stadium with tax dollars if Pohlahd won't even pay to keep players here? MLB owners suck ass.

I'm not bitter about Koskie (I never was a big fan of his), but this will be a regular thing here every off-season. How can a minnesota kid grow up as a Twins fan? They are limited to like 3 players who stay on the team longer than 3 years. (Radke, Hunter, Jones). Twins baseball has changed in the last five years to one of the best minor league teams in history.

Posted by: Jeff S at December 17, 2004 12:39 AM
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