December 24, 2004


Holidays, and/or Merry Christmas; I'll let Jarvis and Hewitt sort out which greeting is appropriate. In the meantime, I'll be taking the long weekend off from blogging, but stay tuned for my year-end posts next week: top-ten lists on Monday, the year-end awards on Tuesday, and the long-awaited shameful events list on Wednesday.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 24, 2004 02:06 AM

Merry Christmas, Steve. See you in a few weeks. :)

Posted by: Michael J. Totten at December 24, 2004 07:42 PM

I know I shouldn't say this but I can't help myself...thanks for my Christmas are not gonna blog for a weekend! That is wonderful! Maybe you should do something like hang out with your friends or see a comedic film....hmmmm...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Posted by: A at December 24, 2004 11:18 PM
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