January 05, 2005


Yes, there lives a God. The Sacramento Bee reported today that VH1 is in talks with the NBA's most infamous couple, Doug and Jackie Christie, for a reality show in which they'll be trailed at home and on the road. I just hope they have the good sense to pay Simmons residuals. From his first-ever Christie column:

If you were granted an alternate TV wish, wouldn't it be for an "Osbournes"-style reality-TV show called "The Christies"? Just Doug getting harassed by his wife in episodes entitled "I wasn't looking at her!" and "I told you, that was Peja's fiancee!"
I can't wait for the episode where the Christies have Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Boozer over for dinner.

(Thanks to the apparently-back-blogging Jeremy for the post title idea.)

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 5, 2005 10:14 PM
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