January 18, 2005

Trade Randy Moss

In the wake of the Vikings’ embarrassing loss to the Eagles on a Sunday and blowing of a playoff berth they had no business holding in the first place, it’s time to assess the team’s severe structural problems. And while it’s hard to imagine the organization emerging from its current mire until cheapskate Red McCombs sells the team and incompetent coach Mike Tice is fired, there is one move in the realm of the immediately-possible that absolutely needs to happen: the team must get rid of Randy Moss.

Yes, Moss is a special talent who has shown tremendous game-breaking ability in his time on the team. But if he were to retire tomorrow a la Ricky Williams, the young receiver’s legacy would that of a Young Punk, one whose various misdeeds- from the “Randy Ratio” to his running down a Minneapolis traffic cop with his Lexus to his walking away from his teammates with 2 tickets left in the last game of the season to the “10 grand ain’t [expletive]” interview- have all gone completely consequence-free under the McCombs/Tice regime. It’s time the organization realized, as Michael Wilbon and others have pointed out, that they will never reach the Super Bowl with Moss on the team.

There should be plenty of takers for a talented wide receiver, especially by teams following the Eagles’ example of grabbing a receiver-who’s-an-asshole and dramatically improving as a result. Let the Ravens or someone like them wave too much money and too many draft picks, to finally take the walking embarrassment that is Randy Moss off the Vikings’ hands.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 18, 2005 10:41 PM

Cherio to that old chap...

Posted by: A at January 19, 2005 10:11 AM

I hope they dont trade Randy because he is one of my favorites players and he's the vikings best offense next to Culpepper. The vikings have been my team for 7 years and it was beacuase of Culpepper and Moss. So please don't trade Randy Moss

Posted by: Victor Taglis at January 23, 2005 07:06 PM

Randy Moss won't be any good no matter where he plays. End of story.

Posted by: Joe at January 23, 2005 11:50 PM

they should trade randy moss vto oakland for phillip bucanan

Posted by: justen at January 23, 2005 11:57 PM

First off, Randy Moss is the best WR in the game hands down. I'd be pissed to (if i were Moss) and i didn't get 10 catches/game. Why don't you people look at the real problem with sits behind the line. Culpepper is an overrated QB. He prolly leads the league in fumbles and doens't know what is best for the team. That is, to throw to Moss. You throw to him 15 times a game, he catches 10 on average, and he's happy, and you probably win. Let's go back a few years when stupid Culpepper got hurt and Gus Verotte came in. What did he do? Threw to Moss. What happened? He caught the ball. What does that lead to? Winning. I'm not making this a black white issue, but putting an average white (pocket) QB that will stay in there for an extra few seconds, probably getting laid out after he releases the ball, would do a lot better then seeing the current idiot trying to run from the pocket and getting hit while, at the same time, dropping the ball every, what seems to be, 10 plays. Get a new QB. I bet Ken Dorsey would know how to do this. This reminds me of the Dwyane Wade Shaq situation. Wade knows to give the ball to shaq. Wade and his teammates know that they'll get theirs, but shaq comes first. Back to football. You make it obvious that you are going to throw to Moss, teams start triple teaming him (probably using both SS, and FS)leaving the middle of the field open from Campell, and Robinson. Plus, with an explosive running game in M. Bennett, it's a no brainer. Moss is a great player, get rid of that jack-off Dante!

Oh yeah, and Joe, you're an idiot if you think that Randy Moss won't do well anywhere!

Posted by: Ira at January 24, 2005 12:57 PM

Minnesota who???????? before Moss got there in 98. He is Minnesota, he makes quarterbacks look better than they are. Unfortunately, you can't pull a whole team full of losers up all by yourself. Joe, he'll do good anywhere, and if the rest of the team plays even half as good him then they'll bet the best team out there. If folks like you focused on his talent and ability versus what Joe Buck or Collinsworth and the biased Fox bunch and media in general has to say then you'd realize what an athlete he is. If you don't think the media and the NFL are hoping he fails then why didn't they do anything to the Eagle's player who pretended to pull his pants back up in the playoff game???? Discrimination???

Posted by: at January 24, 2005 02:43 PM

I will give anybody a hundred dollars if Randy Moss does any better with another team. You guys are all wrong. I have followed his career from college and live in Minnesota. Put that is your pipe and smoke it.

Posted by: Joe at January 24, 2005 04:32 PM

Hey Idiot, try and remember the 1998 season, why were the Vikings 15-1???? hmmmm lemme see Moss had 17 touchdowns as a rookie...Brad johnson...willing to throw the ball to Moss...hmmmm it all makes sense, why would these idiots think Randy Moss is the reason for the past 4 years. Randy Moss's only flaw is he doesn't play defense, thats what the vikings need. Get Rid of MOSS and be ready for another curse like that of the RED SOX

Posted by: TERENCE at January 24, 2005 11:29 PM

Terence, I hope you are referring to the guy right above you???? and not me. I'm for Moss all the way, went to the same college as he did, watched him bring our college, Marshall, to the forefront (if you notice they are dwindling quickly now that Moss, Chad, and Byron are gone, along with many other talented players like Troy Brown, just to mention a few Marshall players to have success in the NFL). I'd say if he lives in Minnesota and I went to the same college then I had a closer look at Moss than he did. Noone understands Moss' history, how he grew up, where he came from. It's a miracle he has done as well as he has, considering. If FOX, the media in general, and this knothead above REALLY knew anything about him they'd lay off. I have a feeling the media knows and are trying to push him and ruin his career. Bottom line, most everyone is jealous of his talent and/or because he is not on their team. And, put this in whatever pipe your smoking there buddy, how could he do any better. He's allready the best. Do you read records and stats or just smoke pipes??

Posted by: Sonny at January 25, 2005 09:14 AM

This is what i have to say. All this stuff that the media is saying "randy is the reason why the vikings arnt going anywhere, randy is why they are 8-8, 9-7" This is all i have to say. Randy Moss might very well be the best PLAYER in the NFL, not just wide reciever. You take away all peytons weapons and i want to see what he does this year. Look at randy i remember that stretch that justin was refering to. Gus threw to randy in 2 straight games... he had 5 TD's. They won both games. Daunte is a good QB and will be one if moss leaves but he has an ego problem all the talk from the media about how hes only good cuz he throws to moss has him now using moss as a decoy on 75% of the plays. They would win 3-4 ore games A YEAR if rather than start him out as a decoy they throw to him. Theres an idea. Rather than make the other team think about fear from randy why dont u instill it in them. Throw to randy 6-7 times in the first quater i dont think daunte understands they have 2 peeps on him almost all the time.... thats not enough. I see randy make catches over 3 defenders all the time. Throw to him have him score 2 td's in the first quater then sit back and enjoy the ease of having 3-4 people zoning off on moss on every play. They will win, randy will get his touches, daunte will get his stats, and the vikings will CONSISTANTLY win games. Green bay was suppose to kill us this year in the playoffs. Randy... (mind you on one ankle)... dominated that game. He unlike anyone else in the league can single handedly win a game. Gus ferrote posted back to back incredible qb rating games and went 2-0 doing what any idoit should with possible the best wide out ever.... THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL AND SIT BACK AND WATCH THE DEFENSE TRY AND STOP IT. On a final note i hope randy gets traded... to a team like balitmore. I have been the biggest minnesota/randy fan for nearly a decade. But if he goes there they have a shot at a title and everyone will see that it wasnt the randy that was making the vikings bad. It was the vikings.
And one more thing does it strike anyone as wierd that in basically 2 years (randy and daunte) we established a dominate offense with first round picks that has been in the top 5 for total offense for 6 of the last 7 years. And ever since we have been using picks on defense..... and remained in the cellar statistacally. Its embarressing that the franchise is that cursed that in 2 years they established a duo that could (if left together) go down as the most dangerous one-two punch ever. And in the next 6 years..... they have got one player (kevin willaims) thats doesnt want to make u throw up. Its disgusting. Randy go to Balitmore. Win a title. Break every record ever. Then ask the media what they were saying about you 3 years ago.

Posted by: Brian at January 25, 2005 11:33 AM

Joe you are soo wrong I would have to say that I have watched Randy longer than anyone on here( since pop warner in case you are wandering and if you put him with a good Defense it will be 98 all over again but they will win the Super Bowl. I say Randy Leave go to the Jets or Ravens and show everyone the one thing I already know that you are the greatest player of all time.

Posted by: juanno at January 25, 2005 04:46 PM

Joe you are soo wrong I would have to say that I have watched Randy longer than anyone on here( since pop warner in case you are wandering) and if you put him with a good Defense it will be 98 all over again but they will win the Super Bowl. I say Randy Leave go to the Jets or Ravens and show everyone the one thing I already know that you are the greatest player of all time.

Posted by: juanno at January 25, 2005 04:47 PM

Though I agree with many of you and disagree with some, I respect all. But I must say that Brian, on the 25th, has echoed my sentiments exactly. John Madden has tried to tell them, in a roundabout way, the very same thing. Throw the ball to Randy, over and over again and he's gonna catch it. I've seen him, Madden, get so frustrated because when they get in a jam they start going here and going there and Madden is like 'why are they not just throwing the ball up to Randy'.

Randy's made more remarkable catches, standing, jumping, leaping, grabbing, literally standing on his tiptoes in the endzone, than anyone ever has and he still comes up with something better all the time. We've all seen him catch them one handed in the most odd positions anyone could be in, catch them by just grabbing the end of the ball with his fingers with his body turned one way and his arm the other. Bottom line, there is no question about his talent and it is not his fault.

I'll give a little and say he has done some things maybe he shouldn't have; but as I said in a previous post, most people don't know Randy Moss. He didn't have a cakewalk through life. He needs support to overcome his sometimes misunderstood behavior. He doesn't need pushed or antagonized, believe me, I know this for a fact. I'm not trying to sound like a know it all, but I do know this, and I get somewhat upset when people who don't know his history call him names, put him down, stomp on him anyway they can. Well, that's what he had to put up with growing up, and that's what you don't know all about. So before we pass judgement, please, gather some facts.

I know Burleson and Robinson had great seasons and are great players, but bottom line, they didn't win once Randy got hurt. It's not only his abilities, but also the awe that he puts in the players, coaches, fans, everyone's mind. Just think if they knew it was coming almost every passing play!!!! He's gonna drop some, he's gonna get picked, but in the end THEY ARE GOING TO WIN.

I totally understand his frustration. First, everyone here at Marshall were naysayers - he's too little, he's this, he's that, he's a thug, on and on. I just sat back and watched him make a fool of them just like he did Jerry Jones' arrogant and I'm sure 'sorry he didn't draft him' ass. That was a punch Jerry needed, badly. And on top of all of that, could you imagine time and time again doing something remarkable only to watch it erased in less than a minute by a defense that either lacks players or coaches or both. He can't hold everyone up. I do agree with the post that said put him on both sides of the ball, special teams. He'd be happy to. Troy Brown, another Marshall grad, does it every week and look at the Patriots!

Randy is not getting any younger, and I, personally, feel he has wasted too much time in Minnesota allready. I thought he'd be gone in two years max. Guess we'd have to try and wake his agent up over that one, huh??? That's another story I won't go into. I would love to see him go to the Jets and hook back up with Chad; other than I'm worried about Chad's future due to his shoulder. But Chad would be good for Randy and Randy would be good for Chad and the Jets. Those two know each other like a book. He knows what Madden and a lot of us are talking about.

I've said enough, made it clear I'm a Moss fan, but most of all that I'm a believer. I believe he can do it in the right place; both win a Superbowl and behave in accordance to the FOX has beens and the NFL preppies who hand out the fines. Look gang, with all due respect to quarterbacks, you gotta have some lean, mean, fighting machines on the other end of that ball or your not gonna be a Montana, Bradshaw, Marino, or any of the greats. That goes for backs and receivers. Could you imagine a timid, weak minded sissy on the other end? They'd get killed. So lets let up on them a bit. They need to be mean. This is not Ice Skating.

Lastly, if he goes elsewhere and falls on his ass or gets kicked out of the league or whatever all you naysayers are wanting then I'll eat my words. But my bet is that in the right place, with the right, positive support, he will continue to be the best, will continue to intimidate the cover guys and the FOX crew, will continue to make highlight after highlight film, and HE will be a winner. His TEAM will too if they don't get caught up in all the nonsense like the Vikings did. Like Matt Birk saying Randy does stupid things, well, maybe he does, but had Birk, along with the rest of the offensive line, been able to perform even half as good as Randy then maybe Culpepper would have had time to throw the ball. But, no, we didn't hear anything about that, it was all because of Randy, his attitude, media media media.

I don't blame him. If I were that good and that's all I had to back me up I'd walk off the field 2 seconds early, too. That's not a sign of weakness or being stupid, Birk, he's trying to tell you something. Your not holding up your end!!! Wonder if anyone has ever looked at it that way? He's trying to get his point accross. It's not him that's not getting it, it's the rest of the team and staff. And the most ridiculous part of this is that all he had to do if they would have hit the lottery and got the onside kick is walk back out on the field. He wasn't even off the field yet, and the FOX bunch are so immature that they acted like he had allready gone to California or something. Wrong, he was about 50 yards away. But, they had to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I don't know why they made such a big deal out of it anyhow, according to them he's worthless, no good, in the way, needs to be gone anyhow. Go figure Bradshaw.

Posted by: Sonny at January 25, 2005 11:44 PM

If the Vikings trade Randy Moss it should be because they think they can get enough defensive players in exchange to make them at least a middle of the pack defense.

They should not trade Moss, however, simply because of the so called "distractions" he creates for the team. KFAN's Dan Barreiro, who I usually complete agree with, is all up in arms about what a big distraction Moss is to the team. But there is no proof anywhere that any of Moss' antics have affected what the purple do on the field.

Randy isn't the reason E.J. Henderson can't tackle. Randy isn't the reason Brian Russell can't catch an interception thrown right to his rock hard hands. Randy isn't the reason the Vikings are one of the leagues worst in sacking the quarterback.

Randy can be a problem, but he is way down the list when it comes to this team's problems. Like the fact that we don't have a kicker who can be relied upon past 40 yards. That our defense consistently looks like a XFL squad and that our special teams give up good field position on a regular basis.

Posted by: Matt at January 26, 2005 12:33 AM

Listen, the real problem here is not Culpepper and its not Moss. Moss is the most talented receiver there is and Culpepper has the intangibles to be great. He can't get it to Moss everytime. No one can, not even Gus Ferrotte (who by the way looked great one week when a team was unprepared for him, and the next week against the worse team in football). Truthfully, it is not either players fault for them being average this year. They need a consistent running game. They need a consistent defense and consistent special teams play. The Vikings, although they finished 8-8, lost to some good teams this year by 4 points or less like 5 times. This is where Moss's frustration comes in. That and the media which has always overhyped him. Lets face it, no one runs fly patterns even half as much as Moss does for an entire game and guys like Collinsworth dogs him for taking a play off here and there? Collinsworth, you were never 1/2 the receiver Moss is, so shut your hole. Patience Randy, we're getting there.

Posted by: Purple Punch at January 27, 2005 03:39 PM

I agree with PurpPunch, really valid post. The whole doggin part by the announcers is absurd. I have seen the guy run 2 staright flys/posts..and when he jogs back, Ohhhboy, what a slacker. Also I strongly feel what the other poster said about Moss being frustrated with the team and walking off due to THEM not doing THEIR part. Granted wasn't the best thing to do, but its frustration blown up to a huge issue. Psuedo mooning Gbay, wow, horrible, but gilbert brown can impersonating digging a grave, or crawling on all 4's and peeing on a qb after a sack..Oh thats just funny stuff cuz its Da Packerzzz Gods team. Face it, bottom line is its all jealousy due to his talent and the lackluster team he is on. Those very same that slam and down Moss would be the BIGGEST moss fan if he were to join their team. Face up u hoodlums!!

Posted by: Purple Power at January 27, 2005 04:01 PM

Randy Moss is the best receiver in the game and is on pace to be the best. Yea he does do some dumb things, but every NFL athlete as done a couple dumb things in there time. But when Moss does something they blow it up, the media just doesnt like Moss, thats the bottom line. Another thing i am sick and tired of, is the comparison between Moss and Owens. There is no comparison, Moss is on another level than Owens, Owens doesnt see the same coverages as Moss does. Moss is at least double covered every single time on the field, and the other teams change there defense just cuz of Moss, Owens doesnt see that shit ever. Moss needs to go to the Ravens, Jets or Washington, a team that has a good defense and Moss would make the ofense great. Cuz the Vikings have no defense at all, and its not Moss' fault either. Moss isnt the reason why there losing, hes the reason why they are winning the games they are winning. Moss is the best.

Posted by: Travis at January 27, 2005 11:49 PM

I'm happy to see that many of you are seeing eye to eye with me. The consensus is starting to be the same, he is the best, it's not his fault, yea, he does some silly things, the media is jealous and are trying hard to bring him down - they can't bring him down on the field so they'll try and do it with the power of the media and the ignorance of the audience. Why? Why do they want him to fail? Jealousy, plain and simple. Odd that a bunch of has been brats would get bent out of shape over a panomine yet they don't dare mention 'Who's Your Daddy' that their snobby, arrogant network aired. I do feel that Jimmy Johnson is being easier on him than the rest. He seems to go along with them a bit, but never concedes that the guy is a thug and a loser and this and that. You can bet Johnson would love to have him on a team. And as for Michael Irving's comment that he wouldn't want Moss as a teammate; jealousy again Micheal, he's better than you and he'd be higher on that totem pole you always talk about than you would!!!

Posted by: Sonny at January 28, 2005 01:55 AM

That anyone would actually respect the opinion of Michael Irvin, after his Dallas days, or Mike "I perfected the art of insult to my players" Ditka, is beyond me. Weekly analyzer's have to speak out on Moss with anything they have because the guy doesn't like to do interviews. And why would he? He's not verbally gifted, and when he speaks, he speaks from the heart. It is easily abused and misconstrued by the more gifted "analyzers" who want anything they can get on the guy. I actually like Terrel Owens, I think his antics bring some fun to the league, and nothing he has done is any better or worse than what Randy did. When he mooned the GB crowd, I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen on the field, mainly because it was like being a kid, scoring in my backyard and mooning the losers because they had did it so many times to me. (Obviously Joe Buck played with dolls..) As far as the rest of the team goes, we are THAT CLOSE...the defense has TALENT but we are oh, so young...hopefully Randy's patience will grow over the summer and we won't lose him to the frustration...

Posted by: Purple Punch at January 28, 2005 11:36 AM

Anybody that says that Culpepper is underrated and only looks good because he has Moss to throw the ball to is a complete football idiot. If you can't see the talent that Culpepper has and the maturation process that he has gone through (as any good QB does)to become a good decison maker, you are an IDIOT. The majority of people with football knowledge would say that Culpepper was 2nd to Peyton as the MVP this year. If the Vikings weren't forced to rely on their running game to help keep their terrible defense off the field, Culpepper would be able to throw the ball all over the field just like Peyton did. I hate when people think that Culpepper isn't one of the best
QB's in the league right now. All of you haters should look at his passer rating compared to the league average (even when Moss was hurt). Idiots.

Posted by: Chuck D at January 28, 2005 04:51 PM

get rid of marcus robinson with the money hes payed the vikings could pick up a good def.end free agent for dumping him.john ordunez

Posted by: john ordunez at January 29, 2005 02:34 PM

Randy moss should never be traded to any team in the NFL. Moss brings excitement on the field for the minnesota vikings. The Vikings need to keep Randy Moss and they need to use their salary cap money and get some linebackers and maybe a defensive end...i have been a minnesota vikings fan every since i was a little boy...and the reason why we havent won a superbowl is because of our defense...we dont lose games because of randy moss...we lose games because of our defense giving up big time plays. So for all of yal people that think Randy moss needs to get traded yal can just shut up because randy moss aint going nowhere... so stop hating.

Posted by: Nathan at January 30, 2005 11:36 AM

Randy Moss doesn't want to play for any other team in the NFL except for the Vikings... Randy moss is the best wide reciever in the NFl... the only reason why these trade rumors are going around is because some Nfl analyst that doesnt know anything about football is just trying to get something started...i think red mcombs and mike tice need to get some big time defensive players in the draft and also get a veteran defensive player that can be right there with moss to show him how to avoid all the media attention.i think we need to get rid of our defensive coordinator tedd cottrell and get a defensive coordinator that really understands the keys to stopping a offenses. and who ever said that we need to take Culpepper out and put gus frerotte in needs to take a look at what culpepper has done in years as a Vikings. and anyways we dont have a good of enough offensive line to keep gus frerotte in... i mean dont get me wrong we have an excellent offensive line with the return of pro bowler mike rosenthal...but culpepper needs to stay in there as the starting quarterback just like he is going to.

Posted by: Nathan at January 30, 2005 11:48 AM

i totally agree wit my man purple punch about Culpepper...so all of you idiots that think culpepper is hurting the team yal need to stop hating

Posted by: nathan at January 30, 2005 11:51 AM


Posted by: dickins at January 31, 2005 02:41 AM

Look, Randy Moss' talent is impeccable. If the vikes trade moss or not (obviously it would be better to have him), Burleson, Campbell, and Robinson could easily step it up. The real problem with the vikes is giving up huge plays on defense, special teams errors, and an enormous amount of penalty yards per game. They are always shooting themselves in the foot. Thier offense can almost always outscore whoever they play, its thier defense who will let the other team back in it.

Posted by: at February 1, 2005 03:58 PM

I do agree that randy should be traded but i don't agree that he can't do well anywhere. since the vikings don't have a great running game teams know to defend the pass meaning that moss will get double teamed which limits the amount of passes he gets which in return makes him unhappy which makes him cause the problems he does. If randy goes to a place with a running game and other recieves who can spread the field then randy will go back to his numbers like he had in the 98 season.

Posted by: merc at February 1, 2005 04:43 PM

I was looking at the numbers on the Viking's page and Randy's numbers are not bad at all considering being virtually out for 5 games and hurt for the remainder of the season. still 13 td's, almost 800 yards!!! He was off to what I thought was going to be one of his best seasons. I do agree that the problem is the lack of a potent running game and defense. I try not to blame them for some of his actions but when the Viking's defense blows it I act worse than Randy does!!! LOL

Posted by: Sonny at February 1, 2005 08:27 PM

Here's what I think, and that is that Randy is upset with the Vikes and says they'll never win a championship because of our teams history of choking. We choked in the Grant days, in the Burns days, in Greens days, and now again in Tices days, starting out 6-0, 5-1 and finishing horribly (Cardinals?? Last play of the year!!). He thinks our team has no heart and that the coaching is not motivating or doing enough to give us a legitimate chance. Who wouldn't be frustrated? I am, I promise you. When they got blown out against the Giants in the NFC champ game a few years back, here I am thinking, yeah, we're definitely cursed. Even though I don't really believe that, consistently choking can effect a team for years to come. So when he says its going to be "real hard" for this team to ever win a SB, he's right. The players, coaches, whoever has to overcome that "curse" negativity, but we're not going to do it without great players. We need Moss. To trade him would be idiocy. Especially since we have a ton of cap money. McCombs being cheap might pay off this year. And I think Tice had just to get over the hump, which couldv'e been with the GB win.

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 2, 2005 02:56 PM

We lost 5 games by 4 points or LESS last year with a fairly tough schedule. We can win those games with a couple of more decent pickups and some experience.

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 2, 2005 02:59 PM

Our running game isn't that bad. I think everyone says that just because we don't have that one star running back. But we do have arguably the most depth in the NFL in the backfield. In addition to that, our backs all have different styles that are right for certain situations. Our running game was decent this year, and if we had Rosenthal and Kleinsasser, it probably would have been among the top in the league. Also, NEVER TRADE MOSS.

Posted by: Chuck D at February 2, 2005 06:15 PM

I agree with you, Chuck D, about the running game. I was a little hard on the backfield in my most recent post. Bottom line is we don't have that 1000 yard rusher; but, they are a passing team. Also, a lot of passing yards went to their backs. Still, I may draw some criticism here, but I am looking out for my hometown boy more than I am for the Vikes because of the fact that history has proven they just don't win in the end. He wants a Superbowl ring, and him, along with many others, think that 98' was as close as they'll get. In today's league, players chase rings, loyalty only goes so far. It's no different than working for a company these days. You go where YOU make the most money, etc. Do I agree with the ME ME attitude of today? No. But, it is the world we live in.

Posted by: Sonny at February 3, 2005 01:52 PM

We've seen alot of teams win the Superbowl with a very solid, ground it out type of attack, where one, dominating runner is highlighted in the offense., i.e. Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris, Larry Csonka, Terrel Davis, John Riggins, Marshal Faulk, Roger Craig. And a lot of quarterbacks were given a "greatness" rating because they happened to win the big game with a totally dominating team...though good, would you really call "Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Trent Dilfer" great? I think we need to trade Onterrio Smith, Marcus Robinson, for a high level pick and then draft a monster college back. If our offensive line stays healthy and we get Kleinsasser back, a good, strong Edgerrin James type would make scoring in the red zone less dramatic for us. And our cap money can buy somemore defense while our youth grows up. Man, the Vikes should hire me to hash this out for them, haha.

Posted by: at February 3, 2005 03:31 PM

I agree that it would be a good move for the Vikes to go after that dominating back, but I still believe that we have far more important work to accomplish first. Our main priority should be linebackers, and even though it is not mentioned as much as it should be, our kicking game should be a top priority this off-season. If we were to trade a back, I think it should be Michael Bennet. Not only would he be worth slightly more value than Onterrio, he is also injury prone. Before the Vikes make a move for a star back, they should give Onterrio another year or two because he has the raw talent to become one of the best in the league. I really believe Onterrio has major potential.

Posted by: Chuck D at February 3, 2005 06:11 PM

All of you guys that think moss is the greatest have to watch more football. Yes he is probly the best wr in the league and lets face it most talented of all time easy but lets look at the other side. the guy is a complete jerk and he will no help the team. moss needs to grow up. plain and simple. you cant do things that moss does. how can you stand up for a low life jerk like moss. my little cousin that is 13 is more mature then he is. you cant have a wr that just decides to play when he wants to. it hurts your team more then it will help. viks have a terendious d and moss would make a amazing trade for some good db's. i hope they keep moss so all you guys see either when he goes 2 jail and viks are screwed with the cap or he just decides 2 leave like all of you true football fans know he will

Posted by: BoB at February 6, 2005 08:49 PM

Like him or not, the talent is obvious. So is his selfish,arrogant,and punk behavior. The media isn't picking on him, they report similar behavior by any professional athlete these days. What's really sad is how many people seem to rationalize his actions because of his athletic prowess or excuse it as a result of a troubled upbringing. He's not a child anymore so when should we expect he'll fially get a clue? Football is a TEAM sport. Unfortunately the NFL has some self-absorbed egotistical jerks that seem to have finally gone so far as to start alienating fans and the media. Randy Moss's talent can certainly enhance a team but he wouldn't be worth a thing without the rest of the team. He may never learn the meaning of "class" but he certainly ought to try learning a little respect and restraint. How about sending him to the Patriots? No superstar B.S. tolerated there and they sure seem to be doing alright.

Posted by: Richie Means at February 7, 2005 03:05 AM

What's right is right and what's fair is fair. Don't we all want to be treated that way and shouldn't we also be expected to behave accordingly? Why should that be any different for Randy Moss? Sure, there are some incredibly gifted athletes in professional sports who outshine most of their peers. That's why they get paid more and get the lucrative endorsement deals. Nothing wrong or unfair about that. Talent as justification for accepting someone's inappropriate behavior is shortsighted and weak minded. Professional sports organizations didn't use to tolerate idiocy like Randy's or other "problem" athletes. Is the pressure of media and/or money that panders to fans and their desire to win at any cost insurmountable? Randy Moss doesn't have to be a role model or meet expectations any higher than those of other players. It's okay to admire his gifted athletic play but inexcusable not to expect the same accountability from him as we'd want from anyone else we encounter in our lives. I don't care for the idea of living below a "privileged class" and I doubt the defenders of Randy's bad behavior would be as accomodating if they were having to put up with someone acting like Randy does towards them. Whether he's traded or not, if he can't stop acting like a little punk I don't care to watch him play and will be rooting against any team that employs him and tolerates his unacceptable conduct.

Posted by: Calvin at February 7, 2005 03:58 AM

Nothing like perpetuating an unfortunate stereotype...

Posted by: at February 7, 2005 04:01 AM

Stop wasting your time talking about Randy Moss! HE IS NOT THE PROBLEM! This team needs DEFENSE to win games! Get some reliable DEFENSIVE players and they WILL win ALOT of games! Spend some money RED! And by the way,Joe Buck is a friggin IDIOT! ( just ask Napoleon Dynamite )

Posted by: Vikangs at February 7, 2005 08:08 AM

Some of you, obviously, are very anti-Randy and you have that right and I respect your opinion. But before you start making such harsh statements about someone such as being a jerk, punk, 15 year old, etc., then quit acting like one yourself and gather some facts before you write you fiction short story. By the way Bob, you need to decide if you like him or you don't, because in one sentence you say he's not the best then in the next you say he is. You contradicted every thing you said, get a grip. Moss doesn't play when he wants to, he only said he did. That's all he knew to say. Kinda sad, isn't it. To be so great only to have it all tarnished by actions that you can't control because of your upbringing, Richie Means. No, that, in our justice system, cannot be used as an excuse, but the fact remains is that it is the reason he behaves as he does. I'm not saying it is excuseable, I'm only saying that maybe these 'troubled' athletes need some counseling, or other types of programs to help them adapt to society. At least then they may avoid eventual jail, failure, whatever you want to call it. Before you all call him names, pass judgement, and so on, read a book and gain some intellect yourself before being the pot that calls the kettle black.

Now, a story from someone who knows; he's been there and he knows Randy well. I read an article Cris Carter wrote about himself and Randy and that how him (Cris) changing teams (when he came to the Vikes) that it changed his life. He explained that he was troubled, a drunk, a everything you guys call Randy. But that when he moved it changed his life. Look at him now, his stellar career with the Vikes, reporter, the list goes on. Lets hope that the same happens for Randy so his incredible talent does not get wasted, so we can watch him perform miracles on the field. Let up, be compassionate. We all knows he has issues, but don't we all.

You guys hang in there, your right on about the D. I also feel the O line is going to have to step it up against better teams. You can't throw the ball if your not given a chance; Philly vs Vikes, Redskins vs Vikes. Put a good front on the O, some coverage with the D and Go Vikes!

Randy is officially leaving. And after reading the negative postings I think it will be the best thing to ever happen to him, the Vikes, and their fans. Good Luck!

Posted by: sonny at February 7, 2005 11:23 AM

I've read everyones comments (some good, some bad, some rediculous). For the critics it's easy to critisize Moss, he's a media headline almost every other day, but I don't think you can really judge a man untill you've walked a mile in his shoes. So untill any of you have had a tored child hood, sprung into stardum, and have camera crews following your every move; you should really lay off. In all fairness for those of you who have idolized him, he might just be the most talanted reciever ever, but he still has to prove it. He has the physicall ability no doubt, but untill he gets focused he won't ever be great. Names like Rice, Brown, and Carter are synonimous with greatness, and all of them eventually got the "Mental."

It's time for Randy to leave. It's like black jack if you can't win at one table you move on to the next(find another casino). In my humble opinion I think he should go to Oakland. A few reasons. 1. New York, Baltimore, Washington... Martin, Lewis, Portis... they use the run to set up the pass, NO with a reciever like Randy Moss you use the pass to set up the run (i.e... Terrell Owens made Westbrook a star in Philly). 2. Whomever the Quarteback is in Oakland with Turner as head coach you know they will throw it down field. 3. Finally Oakland, was just at the super bowl a couple years back. They know what it takes to get there. I'd send him to a franchise with a winning history (I know the last two years are have been tough, but Oakland's proved themselves in each decade so far).

PS. to the guy who said Randy is on another level than TO... that has to be one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever heard... I'm not saying he doesn't have the potential to be, but so far from what I've seen I'd pick Terrel over Randy any day of the week.

Posted by: Seriously at February 7, 2005 12:39 PM

I think trying to make Onterrio Smith our starting back would be a huge mistake. He has no break away speed, he's already been popped once on a drug test, to me that's more of a gamble than someone who's injury prone. If you remember, Robert Smith missed most of 3 or 4 seasons before turning in a superb year and look how he finished. If they don't trade for a big name back then they need to keep Bennett who's breakaway speed is as good as anyone in the league, keep Moe Williams and use him and Mewelde Moore in situational play. Mewelde proved to have better moves then Onterrio and definitely better hands.
Now about Moss...what do you want a friggin role model player to take us to the super bowl or a phenomenal player? Who's better, Moss or TO? Who cares! They're both unbelieveable athletes. If the Vikes trade Moss, which now looks inevitable, if he goes to a solid team, a team that can run and play halfway decent defense, he will probably win a super bowl because he has the ability to change an entire teams defensive game plan. And for all you guys that think he is just about Randy, I guarantee you he'd die to go to a team like the Patriots and have a chance for a Super Bowl win, strict coach or not. He wants to win, that's why he's a jerk. Look at Owens who was the ultimate jerk last year. He went to a team that can win and he's all smiles. You people hate him Moss just to hate him. Whatever...I'm sure I'll hate him too when he's on another team burning my defense.

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 7, 2005 02:59 PM

I think they should trade Randy Moss because he is not winning where he was at and I think it would be the best thing that could happen to him he has played for 7 years and nothin happened send him where he can catch the ball more

Posted by: JJ at February 7, 2005 03:07 PM

This is the main problem.... WE WILL NEVER GET EQUAL VALUE FOR MOSS... Never.... Moss is a once in a lifetime player that the only reason we are shopping him is because of an "attitude" problem. We shouldnt trade him mearly cuz whatever we get in return wont impact the game 40% as much as having moss on the field.

None the less anyone in here ever hear of this guy called Corey Dillion. Wasnt he a "poisen player" a" selfish player" and a "all about me not about the team player" winning fixes everything. If randy was traded to a team with a defense in the top 12 NOT THE BOTTOM 5 you wouldnt hear any bad things about randy. Randy wants to win more than 80% of the league... if u read reports he got in heated cursing arguements with coaching staff and trainers when trying to bench him cuz of injuries... they told him to take the minicamp off to heal up... he said fuck no and was the first to arrive. He takes young recievers under his wing and teaches them the neounces of the game. He is a winner with a short temper on a cursed team... thats the bottom line. You dont hear anything from cory dillion because he won 14 games this year and now has a ring.... thats gunna be randy in 2006 if he goes to baltimore.

Posted by: Brian at February 7, 2005 08:10 PM

Hey, Seriously, thank you! Your opinion was as about as pure and simply put as anyone's to date in regards to both personal and athletic abilities. If I read you correctly, your thought is that if he is put in a winning environment then his personal problems will take care of themselves???? Good comparison, too, Brain, about Corey Dillon. T.O. wasn't getting any better press than Randy about him being a cry baby, etc., until he left the 49rs, what was bothering him, and got into a situation that relieved his stress, Philly.

None of us know what's going to happen with any of these guys. Some of them will be with us for years to come, some will hit rock bottom, go to jail, who knows??? That happens with Pro ball players, company execs, and us little people. No classs is exempt from this. But for now, I think Randy needs to try changing teams. If he lets us down he lets us down, time will tell.

Lastly, Randy's only been a winner at one thing in life; sports. He's not used to losing, not used to questionable coaching calls, etc. He will be Randy when he feels he's fighting a losing battle. You can't be that good and not win. He's proven it all his life, I am a winner; 2 High School state crowns, 2 College championships, not to mention the records he set in college. And it has to bother him that he has outperformed, statistically, any other receiver in their first seven years, yet, he's a loser. It won't fly with him cause HE'S not a loser when it comes to sports.

Posted by: Sonny at February 8, 2005 11:40 AM

Hello Viking fans ! I'm a Packer fan. Lets take a look at this from an impartial perspective. Do I like Moss? Da! No he typically has his best games against us. For some reason he likes playing in Green Bay. The problem with that is we are the only team he gets up for. Lets see you have two games against us and fourteen other ones, not a good Randy ratio. If Payton Manning wouldn't had the season he had, Culpepper would have been MVP. Face it he gets better every year, he wants to get better, and he playes his heart out every week. The Vikings had on of the top rated offences in almost every catagory, without moss for a significant amout of games. The only problem with your offence was the game of musical chairs you played with your running backs. Trade one of them and Moss. Bring in some defencse, where is the purple gang. Im realistic, you will be better than us in a few years, just not as long as we have the rifleman. Randy Moss is a joke. I would bet he files for bankrupsy within five years of retirement, or goes to jail. Purple Pride is dead, I hope for Viking fans you get it back. If you dont believe me why dont you ask Marshal, Page , Eller, Fran, Foreman, or Krause, how they feel about Moss. If Moss would have played with them he would have been tied to the back of the plane and left hung out to dry. Packer Nation fellas, through thick and this sorry not everyone can be a Packer fan.

Posted by: sego at February 8, 2005 12:45 PM

i one of the biggest vikings fans in D.C. & if minnesota trade randy moss they will have that curse just like the red sox had just like terrence said in the beginning if minnesota trade him who r they gonna trade him 4 no player can replace randy moss he is the best wide reciever in the leauge & i have 2 dissagree with brian daunte culpepper is not overrated in 2004-2005 culpepper had the mostb passing yards he was second in the leauge in qb rating 1st in the leauge in completion percentage and second in the leauge in touchdowns & culpepper could of torched manning's record if he wanted 2 & if they do trade him 2 the ravens the ravens dont have that good of a qb kyle boller will not be able 2 get him the ball

Posted by: jameel at February 8, 2005 04:11 PM

Sonny that is exactly what I was trying say.

jameel, I just have one thing to say about your comment no one can replace Randy Moss. Tampabay... everyone in Tampa including players like Saap, Barber, and Rice said nobody can replace Tony Dungy. They were right. Tampa didn't need anybody better than Tony, they needed somebody different. I honestly don't believe "Chucky" is a better coach than Tony, he's just different. The Vikings just need some change, trade Randy; score less points, improve your defense, get scored on less. Defense wins ball games. Pat's, Pat's, Buc's, Pat's, Raven's... can you see a theme forming here?

Posted by: Seriously at February 8, 2005 04:36 PM

sega, you and farve drinking together tonight???? sure sounds like it, and with good reason after farves performance against the vikes. i'm not so sure Moss only gets up for green bay, i don't think he even has to get up for green bay, it's an easy game for him. chek some stats and i think you'll see that he's bettered his performances at Lambo. Moss admires farve, really respects him. Anybody remember Moss, Pro-Bowl MVP with 200+ yards? Sounds to me like he got the best of the cover guys all around the league in one game.

i don't think his talent is in question here. he may have some issues, but not when it comes to catching footballs. he may end up in jail, broke, who knows. some of them are doing time right now during the off-season. i guess we could put a bunch of sissys out on the field and see how well they do. unfortunately, it takes a bad ass kinda funky frame of mind to play a brutal contact sport like football.

Posted by: Sonny at February 9, 2005 04:41 AM

randy moss is dis respect full

Posted by: at February 9, 2005 11:32 AM

Sonny, nice job, you hit the nail on the head....Read, everyone, that's true with anyone...if he gets traded, it is because of that, not because he was a distraction to his teammates...if anything, he brings out the best in other players. Daunte Culpepper would not have matured as fastly without him...unfortunately, Brian is also right, I see Randy going to a better team and winning a super bowl due to his frustration here. And Sego, no offense, but you're a Packer fan and I don't give you alot of credo's for intelligence (just kiddin man), but seriously, to say Moss only gets up for the Packers is ludicrous. I've followed him his whole career, and that's just untrue. FYI, the Vikes were 5-1 when he was healthy, and when he went down, the team fell apart. When he came back, he was never 100%, maybe the hammy was but then the ankle flared up. When they were 5-1, he was estactically happy, having a great time. He was being the "ultimate" team player the entire season. But when we went to 5 losses then 6, then 7 out of our last 10, the team had gone from a high caliber team to an 8-8 nobody that lost to the supposedly undermatched Redskins. He did nothing wrong ALL YEAR LONG until the Redskin game where it seemed to every Viking fan in the world that the Vikes had cashed in ONCE AGAIN and missed the playoffs. Him walking off the field in frustration is no different to me then me or you turning off our sets when we say game is over. For all you guys that think its time to get rid of Moss, you guys are clueless. End of story.

Posted by: at February 9, 2005 02:25 PM

One additional thing to note: The Vikings can choose to "not" trade him and have one of two things happen. 1) He is miserable and "truly" becomes the thorn in everyones side that everyone is always saying he is, and we don't win the super bowl (gee, I am used to that...44 years and counting) OR.... 2) He accepts the fact that we don't want to lose him, roughs it for another year knowing he has no choice, see's what happens (he's not going to stop playing, he's too competitive for that) and either the team gets better or it gets worse...with our cap money, a little more experience and a healthy offensive line, I'm willing to bet we are a much stronger team next year. Lets face it, there's not alot of strong competition in the NFC other than the Eagles, the Falcons, the Vikes and maybe the Packers, Rams and Seahawks. A healthy, clicking Vikings team with just a "little" better defense can beat anyone of those, I have no doubt. Williams is getting better. Udeze will be better. We need to get rid of Mixon, Hovan and safety boy. Our LB's will get better, good speed there, they just need to figure out what the heck is going on better.

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 9, 2005 03:00 PM

Well, it seems we are all coming together on this issue, at least for the most part. We will all have our own opinions, but seems the situation is losing some intensity and everyone is 'on the same page' - that being that he has some 'issues' and he is 'an incredible athlete'.

I think the unnamed post that said he is dis respect ful has narrowed it down and turned this big mountain back into the mole hill it really is. Yes, squirting an official with a water bottle, being sometimes a bit beligerent, just Randy being Randy, as Collinsworth put it, is a bit disrespectful. I will concede to that. As I have emphasized many times, though, he has a somewhat 'childlike' mind and he's doing 'childlike' things. Make any sense??

I was right here watching it all go down from high school on. I remember vividly the day he was on the local news, waltzing into the courtroom in his orange jumpsuit, making headlines, losing his scholarships to Notre Dame and Florida State, all for doing childlike things. But, the silver lining for me was that he came to Marshall, put us on the map as a football powerhouse, and started making some better headlines for himself.

Posted by: Sonny at February 9, 2005 05:04 PM

Oh, and I forgot. For those of you who hate him and think he belongs in jail, well, then maybe he should go play for the Bengals. The color of the outfits would match his jail colors and the performance of the Bengals would match him being a no talent.

Posted by: Sonny at February 9, 2005 05:08 PM

Everybody can say what they want about Randy, bottom line is he is the best wide reciever in the league, and if the Vikings trade him, they are idiots. Why is the Vikings running game good even though we don't have a stand out back? It is because no team in the league will put 8 in the box as long as #84 is on the field. I completely agree with you Brian about the fact that the Vikings could never get equal value in a trade for Moss. SKOL VIKINGS and never trade his freakness.

Posted by: at February 9, 2005 10:19 PM

Everybody can say what they want about Randy, bottom line is he is the best wide reciever in the league, and if the Vikings trade him, they are idiots. Why is the Vikings running game good even though we don't have a stand out back? It is because no team in the league will put 8 in the box as long as #84 is on the field. Why trade him when we are a healthy salary cap team? I completely agree with you Brian about the fact that the Vikings could never get equal value in a trade for Moss. SKOL VIKINGS and never trade his freakness.

Posted by: Chuck D at February 9, 2005 10:20 PM

Chuck I couldn't agree with you more. Keep him, bounce him around a bit in the front office and let him know your tired of the bullshit, load up the O line, and the entire D. However, that sounds much easier than it is, would take years to accomplish, and probably couldn't be accomplished with the current owner and coaching staff.

Most importantly, I think what is getting overlooked here is the fact that the Vikes don't want to get rid of him. He wants to get the hell out of there and has since they blew it for him in 98'. He took them to the top, they blew it, you don't get that chance often. I'd be mad and disgruntled, too.

I think if he saw a change to the good then his attitude may be different, but it's the same ole' thing year after year. You can only come out with a smile on your face so many years, win 6-7 games, then lose 8. I cannot count the times I've seen the D play good, he catches a TD, then the D falls apart on the next series and the other team throws the ball all over the field at will, scores in 40 seconds and nullifies Randy's TD, over and over again. Personally, I'd be in more trouble than him because if it were me I'd be waiting on them with a friggin bat when they came to the shower.

Posted by: Sonny at February 10, 2005 02:30 AM

Now Culpepper is talking about him at the Pro Bowl, saying maybe the Vikes have had enough. Sounds to me, more and more, that this team will fall to the pressure of the media's philosphy that he is a bad apple. I hate the media, they're professional shit disturbers. If we do trade him, hopefully it won't be for Herschel Walker.

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 11, 2005 07:44 AM

Randy Moss is a piece of crap. He is a good player but he isn't worth a crap any other time. Randy Moss is just another pot smokin thug with speed. If the Vikes are smart they will trade Randy. By the way Herschel Walker is way better than Randy Moss.

Posted by: at February 11, 2005 12:58 PM

Speaking of smoking something...

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 11, 2005 01:29 PM

Now that talk there, he's a piece of crap, isn't worth a crap. Now that's the pot calling the kettle black, huh???? You sound less intelligent than he does. At least identify yourself. Throw all the pot smokin thugs with speed out of the NFL and there won't be an NFL, idiot.

Yea, gang, sounds like he's a gonner. I hope it works out for both him and the Vikes. The Vikes will see if it was him and we will see how he does elsewhere. I don't think, if there's a quarterback who can throw the ball at all, there is any question how he will do athletically. For his sake and the sake of watching him play, I hope he learns to please the media before they get him kicked completely out of the league.

Yea, Purple Punch, the media needs to get a life. Like all media anymore, whether it be sports, war, money, whatever, they get off on saying something bad about something or somebody. I wish he'd refuse an interview, not celebrate, not speak to a reporter, radio station, noone, just have them begging him year after year and never break silence. Just make TD's and walk to the bench and when they approach him just pretend they don't exist.

Posted by: Sonny at February 11, 2005 01:44 PM

One thing, with all due respect to Steve Silver, please, say anything you want, but don't compare Randy Moss to Ricky Williams. Ricky Williams couldn't carry Moss' gloves. You may be right, if he retired right now he would carry a legacy of 'the freak', but any coach, journalist, even Barbie Doll Tottin' Joe Buck would have to remember the magic and brilliance they saw during those 7 years of breaking EVERY ONE ELSE'S RECORD!!!!!!

Do me a favor. Post that FACT about his records and lets set back and see how many people can discount something that isn't fiction or just another opinion.

Posted by: Sonny at February 11, 2005 01:52 PM

Steve Silver. I guess I didn't read a lot of your intitial post before I got into this war of words. I do like this opportunity you have created, are a part of, I don't know all the details, but I do like being able to voice my opinion and not have to sit on the couch and want to throw stuff at the Fox crew because I can't reply to their sometimes out-of-line comments.

But, I have read your initial post and think you
are siding with the FOX crew and that is your right. However, if you will look back over the post I think you'll see that it's not Randy's fault, it's McCombs/Tice. That's what you are saying????? that he has gone consequence free under THEIR regime???? No, the Vikes did not deserve to be in the playoffs, but Randy did because until he got hurt they were, uh, 6-1??? And they got to play the Eagles because, uh, Moss had two TD's, including sealing the deal.

Embarrssing loss to the Eagles, sure was, no defense and the offensive line was so weak that Culpepper never got the chance to even see his star receiver. Randy's fault??? Not hardly.

And in regards to the 'no superbowl'????? 1998, 15-1, all Randy Moss until you know who 'blew the chipshot'.

Place the blame for winning and losing where it belongs, please. Yes, he has some issues, but I don't think they account for a worthless defense and an offensive line that can't compete when the going gets tough.

Posted by: Sonny at February 11, 2005 05:45 PM

trade moss? Are you kidding? If vikes trade Moss, Vikes heart dies. I am a big vikes fan..there is no other player worth the Randy Ratio.

Dont be stupid Vikings Franchise...why has your stadium been sold out every game since 98? Let me answer that...Randy fucking Moss!!!!

Posted by: at February 14, 2005 04:56 PM

trade moss? Are you kidding? If vikes trade Moss, Vikes heart dies. I am a big vikes fan..there is no other player worth the Randy Ratio.

Dont be stupid Vikings Franchise...why has your stadium been sold out every game since 98? Let me answer that...Randy fu*king Moss!!!!

Posted by: at February 14, 2005 04:57 PM

I completely agree with you guys. Trading Moss would be stupider than the Herschel Walker trade. At least when they traded for Walker they didn't have a team that was only 2 or 3 good defenders from a superbowl contender. Why trade the most talented player in the league when you are so close to completing the roster. I'm a huge Vikes fan and trading Moss would be idiotic. Especially because the Vikings are one of the healthiest, if not the healthiest salary cap team out there. They won't realize what they've done until # 84 is catching every damn pass thrown his way for another team. The first time I would have to see Moss score a touchdown agaionst the Vikes I would want to puke, actually I probably would.

Posted by: Chuck D at February 15, 2005 09:17 PM

randy moss, and you all know it should go to oakland

Posted by: at February 16, 2005 11:19 AM

Spoken like a true Raider fan...

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 16, 2005 03:04 PM

even though moss is the best reciever who has a huge jumping ability, but he has the best hands. He only drops a few passes a year, unlike terrel owens who has a little more per year. I like culpper because he can kepp drives going, and can run if needed but if they dont trade moss, culpepper will learn to throw to moss as being a number one reciever. so the best thing is to not trade moss and this should benefit both randy and dante.

Posted by: ron at February 17, 2005 08:40 AM

who ever is for randy moss u r so stupid he is a sissy and sucks maybe he has hands but he doesnt catch the ball if a deffensive player is by him cuz he is to scared to get hit, and may i remind u remember the game where he threw an interseption in the endzone and lost the game for the vikings, ooo well i do, and yea culpepper is a tube of lard and he should be a line man not a QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: go green bay at February 20, 2005 01:05 PM

hey dumb ass moss might have thrown in intercption but does he play quertor back no mike tice had no buisness of putting him in there as a qb

Posted by: tony at February 21, 2005 07:00 PM

First off, I don't know where the Vikings would be wit out Moss. He's one of the best WR ever. Him and Culpepper are the only chance the Vikings have for anything. All you people that think he sucks you'll will never amount to him. So, hell naw he shouldn't get traded.

Posted by: J'villes playaz at February 21, 2005 07:33 PM


Posted by: J'ville playaz at February 21, 2005 07:35 PM

I don't normally boast, but I would like to point out that I was the first (and as far as I know the only) person on this post sight to suggest that Randy Moss might be traded to the Oakland Raiders. Any body who has been following the dialouge can attest to that.

Napolean Harrison, a first and fith round pick, Not exactly what you'd expect for Moss, but things might work out for the best.

And I will expect all you true Randy Moss Fan's to sport his new Silver and Black colors.

Posted by: Seriously at February 23, 2005 05:17 PM


I hate Red McCombs, stupid ass hick.

Posted by: at February 23, 2005 10:25 PM

Seriously, Seriously...good call, however, no one really is at all surprised and you are not a great soothsayer for having said it first. Al Davis loves players with attitude, and why? Because they have a swagger, they play ball and they don't give a damn what dumb asses like all the fans and sportscasters that hate Moss are. Hell, he's hated himself. Moss is a great talent...period. Davis knows that. He gave away very little, and got the best deep threat in NFL history...by the way GO GB guy, calling you stupid is an insult to STUPID people! The Raiders will be a playoff contender next year...(uhh, did I mention Go GB guy is an idiot?) And a Super Bowl contender again in a very short time...And all the Viking fans, who have been selling out home games for the past 7 years, will stop coming. Is this as bad as the Herschel Walker trade? No. Close? Yeah, it is. We were close to competing, losing to the eventual NFC Champs. Now, we're back to rebuilding. I've been following this team since '72. Next to 3 Super Bowl losses (I missed the first one), this is my biggest disappointment. Congrats, Al Davis, for having the balls to get the best Wideout in history despite all the "horrible" things he did. Boo Vikings management. You guys are weak and pathetic, unable to handle the pressure. Boo!

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 24, 2005 07:38 AM

Purple Punch, I wouldn't worry about GO GB guy too much, they still have to figure out if Brett Favraaaaa will be coming back.

Now if you really want to see a team tank, look out for GB without Brett

Posted by: Seriously at February 24, 2005 11:16 AM

My kid says that Red McCombs is trying to sabbotage the team before he sells it. The new owner I heard wanted to keep Moss. What's up with that? McCombs is a Texan, the only thing bigger than his wallet is his ego, and to see someone else succeed where he failed is probably tough for him. How does the "Los Angeles Vikings" sound...

Posted by: Purple Punch at February 28, 2005 07:57 AM

All of you guys need to calm down. Randy Moss is the biggest deep threat in the NFL. Different players play differently. For example, Terrell Owens plays well with more mobile QBs, because he is able to run short and intermediate routes well. Randy Moss is the best in league at deep routes, so he would play well with a pocket passer. So what? Moss is gone. The team is not doomed. Who made the pro bowl? That's right, Culpepper. He is the man that the Vikings organization has chosen to build a franchise on. With a 7th overall pick, the Vikes may be able to pick up one of the many outstanding receivers that are up for grabs. Besides, though I love Moss's sly ways, his attitude was not good for the team. We want someone who doesn't just "play when he wants to play". You have to put your heart and soul into every snap. Look at T.O. in the Super Bowl. He lead his team, broken leg and all. I believe that with their fresh look, and Napoleon Harris as a key defensive addition, the Vikings have a good chance of winning the division over the possibly Favreless Packers.

Posted by: 84Questions1Answer at March 2, 2005 08:18 PM

Right, and squirrels will fly out my arse. Keep up that optimism. Tice, according to his most recent interview, said the Vikes got rid of Moss so they could bolster up their D. OOOOOKKKKK. They got Napoleon Harris....you know with their 7th pick their going for a receiver or running back, not another defensive player, so trading Moss has nothing to do with bolstering their defense....McCombs has sold out and Tice is his whipping boy. Tice did not want to trade Randy. Fowler did not want to trade Randy...Tice even refused to answer questions addressing that, saying "go ask Red." I would rather have lost Culpepper than Moss. Daunte will now flounder, because even though Nate Burleson is excellent, Robinson is injury prone, Campbell a thug wannabe, and then there's the water boy and who else? Turn on the news....you don't see McCombs on TV...you don't see Napoleon Harris...you see Randy...its all about Randy...because everyone in the NFL knows the Vikings gave up the house for next to nothing...I guarantee you this...I will watch more Raider games next year then Viking games....I have had enough of losing, rebuilding, losing, rebuilding, losing...stupid trades...stupid owners...I feel for Tice...not his fault....5-11 next year guys...then lets talk about how great Daunte is...enjoy it.

Posted by: Purple Punchless at March 3, 2005 03:36 PM


Posted by: bingbing at March 7, 2011 05:47 AM
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