January 25, 2005

Good Thing He Didnít Move to France

Robert Altman is at work on a film version of Garrison Keillorís long-running radio series ďThe Prairie Home Companion.Ē The film will star Altman regulars Tom Waits, Lyle Lovett, Lily Tomlin, and possibly even George Clooney; Keillor will appear as the narrator.

Iím not entirely certain how PHC could work in film format, but if anyone can pull it off, itís Altman, a man whoís made a career of adapting works previously thought unadaptable.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 25, 2005 08:57 PM

There aren't a lot of writers/performers who create an atmosphere as effectively as Keillor...there aren't a lot of filmmakers who do the same like Altman. What an interesting idea....

Posted by: Tommy at January 26, 2005 04:54 PM
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