May 12, 2005

I Never Saw Another Trucker Hat

After almost five years in New York, last night I finally set foot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the first time. I thought it was cool, though I’m guessing anyone who lives or hangs out there is going to try to convince me that I missed the guy times, and the neighborhood was in fact “over” years ago.

The occasion was the inaugural performance of the all-blogger band The Wifebeaters, and it was quite enjoyable. Ivan is an engaging and charismatic frontman, and lead guitarist Jessica single-handedly disproves George Tabb’s “chicks can’t rock” thesis.

Also great to see many from the blogger community there. Karol has more here, complete with fishnets. One of her commenters suggests a new trend of "knee-blogging," possibly inspired by this film.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 12, 2005 09:12 PM
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