May 24, 2005

The 24th Hour


It wasn’t perfect, but tonight’s “24” season finale was satisfying, marking the first season in the history of the show with a strong beginning, middle, and end.

Yes, the resolution of the missile plot was a bit of a letdown- call it deus ex Edgar- but I did enjoy the entire Mia Kirschner sequence, as well as the Tony/Michelle stuff. But wasn’t the Tony-isn’t-dead twist given away in last week’s promo, where we saw Jack confronting Mia as she held him at gunpoint? This took place after Tony’s “death.”

And was I the only one who, as soon as Michelle got off the phone with a suddenly-alive Tony, expected her to get into a fatal car accident? And who else expected Kim Bauer to meet Jack at the border?

While not as daring as actually killing off Jack, the ending took chutzpah. Will the fifth season begin without Jack? Will it start with him in Mexico (uh oh- they already tried that in Season 3, with disastrous results). Will it be a prequel? We’ll find out in 2006, as Fox once again will broadcast the entire season, rerun-free, between January and May.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 24, 2005 12:39 AM

When Michelle was in the car just prior to getting the surprise-tony's-really-alive phonecall, I was expecting her to pull a gun on herself. Not that she seems the suicidal type, but I can never put anything past the writers of that show!

Posted by: Danielle at May 24, 2005 04:19 AM
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