May 31, 2005

Well There's One Mystery Solved

Wow, when I left the house this morning, I sure wasn't expecting to come home knowing who Deep Throat was. But it's Mark Felt- as confirmed today but the former FBI honcho, as well as Woodward and Bernstein themselves. Interesting that, with the credibility of anonymous sources at an all-time low, wed suddenly see the outing of the most famous anonymous source in journalistic history just a week later.

Even though I'm a longtime Watergate buff, I was never into the Deep Throat parlor game; I'm too young, I guess, and I don't who most of the players are. Though a friend joked today that if Watergate happened now, the anonymous source would be named something like "Where the Boys Aren't 17."

I'm looking forward to Woodward's tell-all piece on Thursday, but in the meantime, we know two things: it's not Ben Stein, and right now G. Gordon Liddy is probably on his way to Santa Rosa to kill Felt with his bare hands.

In the meantime, read this timeline, which made me want to dig out "All the President's Men" just for its brilliant third-act-on-a-typewriter.

Posted by Stephen Silver at May 31, 2005 08:57 PM
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