August 01, 2005

The Game

I spent the afternoon of my birthday Thursday at Yankee Stadium, for my lone look this year at my Twins. And it wasn't a good one- they lost 6-3, meaning that no, they won't win the World Series this year. The Twins, you see, were undefeated in both '87 and '91 in games I attended, and every other year of my life, I've witnessed at least one loss.

Independently of that, it's over anyway. Torii Hunter may be out for the season, they did nothing at the deadline, they got crushed by the Yankees and Red Sox on the weekend road trip, and Manny Ramirez (returning from trade-rumor purgatory) delivered the knockout punch with his game-winning pinch hit on Sunday.

(Speaking of Manny, I had a lot of fun, while at the concert Saturday, checking the evolving story on my cell phone every hour or so and seeing the trade morph from "almost done" to "almost dead" and back again. Nothing like that since the A-Rod-to-the-Red-Sox debacle, except this particular Manny trade didn't drag on for several months.)

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 1, 2005 07:58 PM
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