August 10, 2005

TO Walks

Terrell Owens reportedly walked out of Eagles training camp today after a verbal spat with coach Andy Reid, in which Reid asked the temperamental receiver to leave. I'm not in the car listening to WIP right now, so I have no idea what people are saying locally, but I'll keep my ear out later on.

Peter King, the nation's #1 football writer, was at Eagles camp today, yet somehow missed out on this rather major story.

King, however, also writes that he paid a visit to a local eating establishment called Deja Brew, where he enjoyed a sandwich known as "The Engineer" ("roast beef, turkey and American cheese, with Dijon mustard, on pumpernickel toast,") along with a tossed salad, a Nantucket Nectars apple juice, and "one peanut butter ball" for dessert. I'm guessing the Owens/Reid confrontation took place somewhere between King's sandwich and his dessert.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 10, 2005 04:00 PM

heheheheh. ... tossed salad.
and i wasn't aware they served gooballs in restaurants now. buti guess with ricky williams' return to the NFL anything is possible.

Posted by: LilB at August 11, 2005 10:47 AM
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