August 19, 2005

Smoke Moss Every Day

I don't know what's more annoying about this Randy Moss marijuana story- the fact that an athlete's use of a recreational drug is deemed the biggest sports story of the day, or the wacko comments of his agent, who makes Drew Rosenhaus seem subtle by comparison.

After the comments, made on HBO's "Real Sports," were released to the public yesterday the agent, Dante DiTrapano, charged that "an attempt to promote their dying network, they have maliciously couched his remarks in a manner that is confusing and leaves room for negative interpretation."

Dante must have read all those "what's wrong with HBO" pieces last month. But according to an AP story, the network made a profit of $1.1 billion last year. I'd hardly call that "dying."

Let's get real- the marijuana admission doesn't rank even in the Top 100 of outrageous acts by Moss in his career. But regardless, yes, we're still glad to be rid of him.

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 19, 2005 08:56 AM

Randy Moss' agent reminds me of none other than Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer's lawyer, Jackie Chiles.

Posted by: LilB at August 19, 2005 11:06 AM

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Posted by: cadalmdeeqo at September 11, 2011 12:33 PM
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