September 07, 2005

Where Have You Gone, Vinnie Chase?

You all know I love "Entourage," but a big thumbs-down to the season finale, which I just watched tonight. Bad, unoriginal writing, conflicts created from out of left field and solved with unexplained ease, and no humor whatsoever.

(SPOILERS!): The episode merely repeated the first season finale's premise: Vince and E have a brief spat, which is suddenly resolved 10 minutes later. And while I understand the need to have a penultimate episode/finale cliffhanger ("will Vince quit 'Aquaman'?"), the final scene just felt unfinished- Vince changed his mind? Why? What convinced him? His character's always been a bit of an empty vessel- a weakness of the show from the start. Why do you think Piven steals every scene?

And one more thing- how can you have James Cameron in for a season-long cameo, as director of a movie which doubles as a romantic entanglement for the series' star, and not delve into Cameron's own well-publicized history of on-set romances? Had Cameron ended the episode by explaining how he managed to make "Titanic" while in the middle of a divorce, so working with Mandy Moore should be a breeze, I'd have found the finale quite a bit more convincing.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 7, 2005 11:55 PM

you are a douche. it have too much time on your hands..says a lot about me but i am drunk.

Posted by: keshav verma at September 11, 2005 08:52 AM
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