September 22, 2005

Worst Fans on Earth

Not only did the Atlanta Braves' fans show more empty than full seats in the outfield for their game against the Phillies last night, but they're also sports' most unhygienic fans, according to a new study.

Researchers monitored persons at several bathroom locations, and the Turner Field men's room had the lowest rate of hand-washing in the study where, like Poppy, 37% of men failed to wash. And you thought they couldn't come up with anything more disgusting than the Tomahawk Chop.

And speaking of unworthy fans... the Chicago White Sox just played a cruical three-game series against Central division rival Cleveland- and hundreds of empty seats were visible at U.S. Cellular Field. I'm rooting for the Cleveland "Baseball Team" Indians to catch and overtake Chicago- and for both the White Sox and Braves to crash down in flames in the first round.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 22, 2005 09:12 PM

Poppy was sloppy!

Posted by: LilB at September 23, 2005 10:29 AM
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