September 27, 2005

In Defense of the Phillies, Cont'd

The Philadelphia Daily News editorial page, telling it like it is:

"Certain joy is watching superb shortstop Jimmy "J-roll" Rollins' assaulting an ancient consecutive-game hitting streak while vacuuming up every line drive or grounder within 10 yards of him. It's watching Ryan Howard become a shoo-in for rookie of the year while Bobby Abreu (97) and Chase Utley (96) try to join Pat Burrell in the 100-rbi club, becoming the first Phillies threesome to do so in 73 years.

Certain joy is watching the late-inning heroics and come-from-behind wins that have allowed the team to overcome season-ending injuries to its top slugger and to the ace of its pitching staff and still find themselves only aa game out in the wild-card race with six to go.

Just the chance to cheer your team to victory ought to be enough to fill the stadium for each remaining game. Win or lose, they have earned our support in this important stretch run.

Let's stop worrying about where this thing will end and enjoy the ride while we can."

Amen. The editorial, of course, caused OUTRAGE today on WIP.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 27, 2005 05:15 PM
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