September 28, 2005

The "Commander-in-Chief" Premiere

The verdict: eh. Good acting and interesting subject matter, but my lord what an unwieldy and implausible premise. All in all, way too reminiscient of the awful 2000 movie "The Contender"- directed by series creator Rod Lurie- about a female vice president under seige from an EVIL Republican male congressional leader, a premise that purposely excludes the sympathies of any non-liberal. And I like the idea of the generally liberal VP having a conservative daughter- but why must that daughter be 13 years old?

I'll try watching it again, but I'm not optimistic- after all, as Ross Douthat pointed out, everything Lurie has ever produced in his career has been crap, with the exception of the short-lived cop show "Line of Fire."

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 28, 2005 12:51 PM

I saw parts of it the show sucked. What was the with everyone having deep red rosy lips? Even the men?

Posted by: LoShaim at September 28, 2005 03:15 PM

I think they tried to stuff to much in the first episode...I think next week looks better by the previews...give it a chance.

Posted by: M at September 28, 2005 11:00 PM

It's hard to take it seriously when Stuart Little's mother becomes the President.

Posted by: yaak at September 29, 2005 09:37 AM
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