October 09, 2005

Gammo: The Phillies Are Good

From today's column by Hall of Fame baseball writer Peter Gammons:

Ed Wade does not deserve to get fired.

He acquired Kenny Lofton, signed the winningest free-agent pitcher (Jon Lieber), held on to Brett Myers, made the Ugueth Urbina deal to clear room for Chase Utley to become a star, and kept Jimmy Rollins out of the free-agent market. He couldn't get Bobby Abreu to take over in September, but that may never happen. The Wade regime has spent a lot of money and has made some mistakes, but Ed had his best year.

I'm not saying Ed deserves to stay or go. But I trust the opinion of Gammons on baseball matters over that of Howard Eskin and/or Jimmy From South Philly on the Carphone, oh, ten times out of ten.

Regardless, the Philly sports culture will be too consumed this week by the Eagles' Tice-caliber performance at Dallas today to care about whether Wade stays or goes.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 9, 2005 11:23 PM
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