October 13, 2005

A Trade Rumor

I heard this one over dinner prior to Yom Kippur, though supposedly it originated from Comcast Sports Net's John Marzano: The Phillies would ship first baseman Jim Thome and third baseman David Bell to Seattle for third baseman Adrian Beltre.

The trade would solve the Phils' logjam at first, jettison the unpopular Bell, and exchange the huge contract of Thome for the slightly longer huge contract of Beltre, who is nearly 10 years younger.

Beltre had a horrible year last year for Seattle after signing a monster free agent contract, but perhaps he can rebound with a return to the NL. For Seattle, the deal works because they'll be out from under Beltre's long contract (exchanged for Thome's shorter one); Thome can DH, and Bell is a former Mariner who could benefit from a change of scenery. Whowever the new GM is in Philly would be wise to consider this one.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 13, 2005 11:14 PM
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