October 18, 2005

Romo Drama

Anyone catch that interview with Bill Romanowski on "60 Minutes" Sunday night? Didn't he remind you of, oh I don't know... a serial killer? The man is clearly a violent sociopath who spent virtually his entire career cheating the system and inflicting purposeful injury onto opponents and teammates alike. That he is now, and likely always will, suffer from concussions is not only his own fault, but also doubles as proof that karma isn't dead after all.

Much as I love sports, one thing that I really despise about our American sports culture is that rotten-to-the-core scumbugs like Romo, Jose Canseco, Pete Rose, and Bobby Knight can not only thrive, but be treated as folk heroes, with their fans even willing to defend and make excuses for the most appalling, disgusting behavior imaginable.

So no, to answer your question, I won't be buying Romo's book.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 18, 2005 02:11 AM
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